Sunday, February 27, 2011


I am so happy to put up a new post this evening with the help of Ray. I wanted to share with you all some of our collection of pottery made in Europe before W W I . In an area called Bohemia. They started the company around 1893 and lasted up until the second world war.

There are different types of this pottery that were made some made in molds and some hand done with applied decorations on them such as flowers and insects and some animals also. This young lady has two baskets filled with dried roses that Ray placed in them. I think they were roses I gave to him one day.

We collect the Art Nouveau pottery with the women and we have some with roses and leaves on them also. But tonight I will share some of women figurines. We like the pastel colors on this type of pottery.

This is a great Art Nouveau piece here it seems as if she is stepping out of the water Lily bud.

This one is a little girl with rabbits beneath her basket. I have heard that the company used to use mercury and arsenic for some of the glazes to get the colors.

This is one of my favorites in our collection. She is actually a candle stick and has remnants of wax in the petals above her head. I hope you enjoyed our collection today and Thank You all for stopping by. Until next time have a great week......Julian & Ray

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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

~ Spring Is In The Air~ Post for fellow gardeners

Spring seems to have made an early visit to us this year. With a couple of blooms throughout the garden we captured with our phone cameras.
This bed of irises with their color of blue underneath our vintage garden deer. This is the kind of deer I don't mind in the garden he wont eat much of the pretty blooms.

Ray's peach tree has just came out of its slumber and decided to put out some blooms. Hopefully they will turn into some sweet peaches this year.

Here is one of the lavender bushes that have been blooming for the past month.

I have been cleaning out some of the plants that were damaged with the frost, but Jack Frost didn't get to some of this geranium flowers.

Here are some pretty pink geranium blooms that have survived the frost this winter which I am glad about. But this week we are expecting some more rain that will nourish the garden once again.

And last but not least here is a purple leaved plum tree that has given us a gift of pretty pink blossoms. Well I hope you all enjoyed the garden this morning and until next time wishing you all a great week.....Julian & Ray Today I will be linking up to ~ FISH TAIL COTTAGE ~ for ~ COTTAGE FLORA THURSDAYS ~ to ~ FRENCH COUNTRY COTTAGE ~ and also for ~SATURDAY SHOW OFF ~

Sunday, February 6, 2011


As I was cutting the grass today, I was thinking of the roses that I would like to share with all my friends out there in blog land for Valentines. But we have no blooms yet to give you all. So here is a photo of one of our rose oil paintings we have in our collection. I also would like to say Thank You for stopping by today.

We also want to share with you some of our Valentines vignettes and heart collection along with some antique cards that are three dimensional.

This valentine card of a ship got us into a small bidding war but worth the victory of winning. its late 19Th century a good size.

This Victorian fan was a good find and is a German die cut as same with all the others in our collection.

I like the little Victorian photos of cupid in its heart shaped wooden frame.

Here is a small collection of heart shaped pincushions on a primitive shelf we have.

This is a cute little heart shaped tin and little heart shaped pillows.

I hope you enjoyed our collection of valentines and until next time I wish you all a HAPPY VALENTINES...............Julian & Ray
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