Sunday, January 30, 2011

B-day Boy New Primitive Cabinet

We finally brought this cabinet down from the shop in Palm Springs area where Ray had found it for his Birthday. At first we thought it was pine, and it was going to be easy to move. But to our surprise it is made of oak. (we think?) It took four of us to move it out of the shop. We had to rent a U-Haul truck to bring it to our home. Because the cabinet is in one piece, and was way to big too lay down in the back of our truck. So to protect it better we choose to rent a big U-Haul. And I must say it took up the whole back of that truck just laying down. But the price was a steal of a deal. And it was worth all the work.

It has the original paint with a great alligator finish to it and some cool primitive drawer pulls on it. With poured glass windows with the cool little air bubbles in the old glass.

All of the items in the case are just there for temporary until we recover from bring this into the house.

The girls seem to like the new piece now we just got to go hunt for some new goodies to place in the primitive cabinet LoL. Maybe I should start by looking here at home first.

I hope you all enjoyed your visit today and until next time I wish you all a great week......Julian & Ray

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Saturday, January 22, 2011


Hi there everyone, I decided to try and catch up on our posting by sharing with all of you some more goodies that we have in our collection of vintage hats. With both our jobs and me putting in some o.t. and also trying to do some garden chores I just haven't been able to post as much as I would like. But hey I am here now so let me start off with this cool orange hat. It is made of some fine straw and has a cool little felt Deco design on the front of the hat.

I believe this is the first hat that got me hooked on collecting them. I can just imagine women going downtown to shop or just socializing with their gloves and a beautiful hat on their head and maybe a beaded handbag.
This one has red glass beads sewn on the hat which is made of green silk. I must apologize for the photos not being very clear.

Today I will be linking up to COMMON GROUND FRENCH COUNTRY COTTAGE And SHOW AND TELL FRIDAY This hat has many little flowers of different colors on it. I purchased it on E-bay and I was very happy with this buy. And then there is the 1920s lip stick container which was a gift from Ray for Christmas a couple of years back. I haven't seen another one like this on our antique hunts. And she still has lipstick when you pull the top off. Until next time I wish you all a great rest of the weekend and see you all soon...............Julian & Ray

Wednesday, January 12, 2011


Hi Friends, I am glad to share a collection of vintage pin cushions with all of you today. With one tomato hiding in the background as you can see. He decided to sneak in for the pics. Some of them are very early maybe from the 1880s to about the 1950s or so. There is even one with the initials of the woman who had owned it
at the time.

I had started collecting them about three years ago and just find them as they are pins and all. I bought a vintage strawberry basket to display them in to give them look as though they were spilling out of the basket.

I hope you enjoyed our little collection of goodies. And have your selves a great rest of the week. Until next time ....................Julian & Ray

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Sunday, January 9, 2011


New Year's has gone by and I just took down the ornaments off the tree and that is just the beginning of putting away Christmas goodies for the both of us. And I must say this makes me a little sad but it must be done. And now I have read a couple of post with the words Valentines Day already! I cant believe the time goes by so fast! I have a luv of antique clocks weather they are running or not. I always look forward to winding them up and enjoying the sound of the chimes as they count the hours. Here are my favorites from the couple we have. The one above was a Christmas gift a couple years back from Ray and the one below was a find at a shop. They are both Art Nouveau I luv the one on the top photo it reminds me of a mermaid they date from 1895-1910. And have a great tone to them as they strike the hour.
This one I bought because she seems to be trying to get the latest gossip with her hand up to her ear. " LOL"

Next time I will take some closer pics of the little mermaid collection I have below the clock on the left side of the photo. I hope you enjoyed our little treasures. Until next time I wish you all a beautiful weekend..................Julian Today I will be linking in for some fun show and tell blog parties over at