Sunday, May 30, 2010

~ Vintage Patarotic Collictables~

Happy Memorial Day to all my friend's out there! I hope you are all enjoying your weekend on this special Holiday weekend. Today I joining in on a blog party over at Alabaster Rose Designs. For ~Vintage Summer Monday's~.

We have a collection of patriotic inspired advertisement cards. And also some vintage parade flags and postcards. I thought this one here with a black Uncle Sam was quite interesting when I purchased it. Here he is dancing with a banjo.

In theses pictures I have a Uncle Sam advertisement card for bicycles He is catching a ride in this one. The other little card is a French advertisement card with a circus scene the little guy is wearing a flag costume.

And here is a shot of the whole collection on a Mantle I bought at a flea market.

In this postcard is a couple of children in a balloon and the boy is holding the American flag on there way up up and away.
Here we have some antique horns and tin and cardboard. And a antique children's book with Uncle Sam. The item on the bottom left is a cigar advertisement Peace with the flag we picked up at a flea market here in town.

And then there is this cute antique photo of children celebrating a patriotic pageant. I found this one on e-bay. There are young children dressed as Uncle Sam ,Miss Liberty, and Christopher Columbus. I'm not sure what the other girl is dressed as.

Well I hope you enjoy this special day as we honor our veterans and our fallen soldiers. Have a good and safe rest of the weekend......Julian

Monday, May 24, 2010

~ Garden Urn White Iceberg Roses~

Hello Friend's out there in blog land! I hope all of you had a great weekend. As for me I am doing much better and recovering quite fast. I had gone to a barn sale on Friday. Called ~Matilda's Mouse~. I gathered all my strength to go. Hoping to find that special piece . but I had no luck. Though the displays were beautiful and it was great to see some friends there. And the weather was great! Today I am going to post early for ~WHITE WEDNESDAY~ over at Faded*Charm And also for ~Out Door Wednesday~ I have a cast iron urn one of a pair. The other is on the other side of the garden. These beauties probably date from the mid 19Th century. They are both set among some White Iceberg Roses. In a day or two the moon will be full and the moonlight makes these roses glow at night.

We have planted about six bushes along the side wall and they also have taken off this Spring. Well please be sure and visit the other participant's. And as always Thank You for dropping by the garden for a spell. Have a good day and enjoy your week.....Julian

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

~ Piggly Wiggly Collection~

How are my blogging friends doing today? As for me I am doing better today I felt like joining in on the fun over at ~My Romantic Home~ for Show And tell Friday. And also going to join in for ~Debbie doos~ for Saturday. Today I wanted to post some more animal oil paintings from our collection. On this painting I picked up at an auction in Redlands Ca. I luv the look of the pigs expressions and the look of their eyes.

On this one above you can see the piglets tale on the left of the painting. Both of these paintings are from the late 19century or very early 20 century.

On the second painting you can see the pig looking into the barn and scarring the pups. They all seem to be running on top of each other. And you can also see one pup peeking around the corner. To see if the hog has left.

This little guy seems to be barking at him trying to scare him off. Well I do hope you all enjoy the paintings. And please be sure to visit the other participants. Thanks so much for stopping by today. And have a good weekend...Julian

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

~ Spring Time Whites And Pastels~

Hi Friends, I hope you are all well and had a good weekend treasure hunting. As for me I am recovering from hernia surgery. It was just same day surgery so it is nice to be home and in the garden. I'm posting some pic's of the garden for ~White Wednesday~ And I am also going to sneak in some pastel colors for ~Out Door Wednesday~ Please forgive me for that.
These are pictures from the front garden this time. I have here some Santa Barbra daisy's and also this vintage garden chair. With a couple of antique Terra cotta pots.

This vine in the front downstairs window is a climbing one but I am not sure what it is called. And there is also some white Alisun and red roses and geraniums hanging from pots.

Thanks for stopping by today and please be sure to visit the other participants also. Have a great day in your garden also my friends....Julian

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

~Vintage White Doghouse~

Hi Friends! I hope you all had a nice Mother's Day with your families. Today I will be joining in on the fun for ~Vintage Thingies Thursday~ hosted by Suzanne over at Colorado Lady. And also for ~Show And Tell Friday~ which is hosted by Cindy over at My Romantic Home.

I have here a vintage dog house. Maybe from the 20's Thur the 40's. I should of taken a better picture of the roof. But it has green shingles on it. Seem like the person who had built this house had put a lot of actuarial details with the wood siding and the door way. When I had seen it I couldn't pass it up. I had thought the girls would like this. They like to lay down every where else but the dog house.

We had planted some white Iceberg roses to grow up the wall behind it. And also a David Austin rose called Mary Rose which is the pink one.

The red rose is growing on the same rose pink Mary Rose bush. I'm not sure if the red is the parent rose of the pink one or it was grafted on to it.

I liked the weathered look of the little house. So I did not want to repaint it. I just sprayed some clear varnish on it to protect it from the elements.

I had bought this little treasure at a barn sale called Matilda's Mouse. They have a great sale once a month. We always find great things there.

I had to coax these two with some treats. But I'm sure if there was a ground squirrel in there they would have no problem being in the dog house. Well I hope you all enjoyed the pictures And please be sure to take a peek at the other participants. Have your selves a great week....Julian

Saturday, May 8, 2010

~Mother's Day Silver Sunday~

Happy Silver Sunday Mother's Day! Today I have here a compote from the late 19th or early 20th century silver plate compote filled with lemons from our small orchard. The pattern of the compote has holly leaves and berries on the rim. Here is a close picture of the leaf and couple Berrie.

Well ladies We and the girls would like to wish all of you a Happy Mother's Day! On this special day. So enjoy your day with your family and friends. And please be sure to visit the other post also....Julian

Thursday, May 6, 2010

~Spring Garden Urns~

Hello Friends, I hope your all having a good day in the garden or on your patio. Today I was not able to post new pictures of something else. You see my camera phone took a dive today. So I am posting some photos from an older post I had done earlier. I am joining in on the fun at Colorado lady for ~Vintage Thingies Thursday~ And also for ~Show And Tell Friday~ Hope you have a chance to visit the other participants to see their goodies. Have a good day..Julian These two urns are cast iron from the mid to the late 19th century. We found one at a flea market in Long Beach. And the other in a shop called Sisters in Redlands Ca.
They do come in two peaces so it is easier to transport. But being they are cast iron they are still heavy. But beautiful to enjoy and look at.

In this one I placed roses in it but I hope the heat from the sun and iron doesn't cook them.

Well thanks for visiting today. And I hope you all enjoy being in your garden also...Julian

Monday, May 3, 2010

~ White Wednesday Garden Foxgloves~

It's that time again friends for ~White Wednesday over at Faded*Charm hosted by Kathleen. And also for ~Outdoor Wednesday~ hosted by Susan at A Southern Daydreamer.

Today, I am posting some white foxgloves I picked up at the nursery. I've never tried to grow them before because of our heat. But I had placed them under a tree for some shade. I hope the snails don't decide to have lunch on these pretties. (Those pesties little snails.) We have this one near an antique urn I picked up at the flea market a couple of years back.

And here is a close up picture of one of them. They are beautiful to look at but no scent that I could smell.

Here is another one behind these two cast iron fern leaf pattern chairs we picked up at the Rose bowl flea market. It took both of us to load each one up onto the pickup.

Here is one in front of a French garden urn from an older post. I am trying to plant some Texas privet to make a whole new garden room. We had planted some hibiscus but they didn't take well. But, we're still hopeful, Raymond loves the flowers on them. I hope you enjoy today's post and have yourself a great day in the garden...Julian