Wednesday, June 30, 2010

~ Vintage 4TH Of July Partay ~

Hi Everyone, I made it and not too late I hope. I went in to work for overtime this morning and missed the chance to post early. Today I'm joining in on the fun over at ~Anything Goes Here~ for a Vintage Fourth Of July Collectibles Party. Which is being hosted by Joan. I'm also going to join in for ~My Romantic Home~ hosted by Cindy. And also for ~Garage Salen Partay~ hosted bt Debbie. I have here a postcard with these children in an air balloon with this little boy holding the flag as they go for a ride.

In this picture with the bear I have a collection of vintage 48 star flags. And a cigar with the stars and stripes which was used as a fan. And then there are some vintage horns one is paper mac he and the other is tin. And then we have this child's book with Uncle Sam on it called" The American Speaker".
This advertising card for spools of thread was a great find with the young lady wearing her red white and blue dress. I found at a shop in Riverside and then there is this cute photograph with the children in a pageant one is dressed as Uncle Sam, Statue Of Liberty and Columbus. I'm not sure what the other little girl is dressed as.

We found this little tin drum at a great shop in Orange County which deals in country collectibles.

Raymond decorated the entrance to the house as we walk in and he did the rest of the decorating of our collection today.

This tin drum I bought him for Christmas one year it has the colors and some of the children are holding the American flag going around the drum.

Here we have some vintage pillows that women had made in the past both of them have 48 stars on them. They were a great find at a store here in town.

This Uncle Sam is riding a bicycle it was a advertisement for bikes. And glued onto a scrap book album. I talked the dealer into selling me the page.

This is a Tucks postcard I bought for the black Uncle Sam image which I thought was interesting. It dates to about 1907 I never seen one like this before.

These are some more advertising cards I picked up at the flea market.

And we just bought this Victorian bench for the garden. I looked up, on the Internet for this particular design and it is called "Betsy Ross" for the lady's face on the top back of the bench. And I only thought it fitting, that she grace our page for this party. Since she was asked by George Washington to sew the first American flag. Well I hope you enjoyed our collection of patriotic collectibles and please visit the other participants. And have yourselves a Happy & Safe, 4Th Of July.......................Julian

Monday, June 28, 2010

~ Urban Barn Sale~

Hello Everyone, I hope you all had a great weekend! We had gone to a great barn sale called ~Urban Barn~ and met a couple fellow bloggers and saw our friend Sandra Finn who has a beautiful space there. We also bought a Victorian garden bench there for a great price and it was very heavy it took three of us to load it up. I also just want to remind some of you who have the love to decorate with Red White and Blue and vintage patriotic collectibles there is a Vintage Holiday Party going on June the 30TH over at ~Anything Goes Here~ I have the button here if you like to check it out to participate.

And here are a couple pictures of the sale we went too I hope you all enjoy.

The booths were decorated to the ceiling with all kinds of treasures.

This is a French beehive in Sandra's booth. A really cool Peace for the garden.

I thought these dress forms were cool the way they were put together.

And More great garden treasures to decorate you home and garden.

I thought this was a beautiful cabinet to place all kind of goodies or as a display peace if you owned a salon or shop you could place all kinds of goodies in this to sell.

And now to the garden bench it is late 19TH century and she is made of cast iron. And she has a woman's face on the back top of it. I looked on the Internet for this pattern and the call it Betsy Ross.

She has beautiful curved legs and lots and lots of scrolls on her.

And here she is at her new home. I hope she luvs it. I hope you all enjoy the pictures and have a great week.................Julian

Sunday, June 27, 2010

~ Remindier Of 4th Of July Vintage Party ~

Hello Friends, I hope you are all having a great weekend. The weather out here in California has been great. I just wanted to mention about a Vintage Holiday party hosted by Joan over at ~ Anything Goes Here ~ you can find out about the details on her blog. So if any of you like to decorate with patriotic goodies and your love with decorating with Red White And Blue here is your chance. I believe the party begins on June the 30Th. We also stopped in at a fabulous Urban Barn Sale out in Escondido Ca. I took some pictures and saw our friend Sandra Finn who has a beautiful space out there. We also got to see some other fellow bloggers. And we bought another garden bench for the garden, I hope I can post some pictures of them some time today. So if you get a chance to drop by again, so you can see them. Well enjoy the rest of this beautiful weekend..........Julian

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

~White Garden Patio luncheon Table ~

Happy ~ Show And Tell Friday ~ friends. I hope you all had a really great weekend. As for us we had to work but that is fine it was a great weekend anyway. Today I am posting our patio table and chairs. We had bought this set for only 50 bucks at Mora's Antiques here in town. It was painted black and had no seats. I just painted the tables and chairs with a couple of cans of spray paint.
The back splat has roses on them and the edge of the table also has roses going around the edge. And they are cast iron which makes them sturdy. I think I need to put another coat of paint because the sun and the heat has taken a toll on the paint job again.
I also have a small cast iron urn filled with sea shells and Spanish moss sitting in the middle of the table. The seats are covered with some outdoor fabric with the common cabbage rose pattern on them.
We eat out there, every now and then when the weather is nice or the early evening when it is cool. Ray placed our "Poppy Trail" pattern which might be from the 60s or the 70s but they were made here in California. They were a good deal for a 20 peace set for 15 dollars at a thrift store in Riverside. Well I hope you all have a great week and please visit the other participants and Thank You For stopping by................Julian

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

~ Anniversary Find ~

Hi Friends, Hope you had a great weekend. We had a road trip for the day to Palm Springs for our anniversary and found these great cherubs for our garden. At one of our favorite places to shop for vintage and antiques treasures. I wanted to post them up for ~White Wednesday~ which is hosted by Kathleen over at ~ Faded*Charm ~ and also for ~ Show And Tell Friday ~ hosted by Cindy at ~ MY ROMANTIC HOME ~

One Cherub is holding some wheat in his hands. I need to rearrange that area of the garden with plantings of catnip and a small pink rose such as the knock out roses to surround him.

They are probably from the 1930s - 1950s. And boy I tell you they weigh a ton. But I'm still recovering from surgery and missed the chance to help pick them up and place them in the garden. Thanks to Ray, and our dolly they performed that task.

Here is the second cherub holding a basket of roses. My favorite flowers and Queen in my garden. Since I am not able to grow peonies out here in So.Cal

Well I hope you all enjoyed the pictures and please visit the other participants. Have a great weekend treasure hunting................Julian

Saturday, June 12, 2010

~ The last of the irises for Spring ~

Well Spring has finally ended in our garden the last of the iris have bloomed and gone, our Spring rains are no more. Now soon the heat will be turned up daily so now it will be hello 100 degrees or more. But that is dry heat, 90 percent of the time. Once in a while we get some summer storms along with the humidity. Just for a spell and then it's gone.

Now, I will have to wait until next Spring for the iris to make a return. Maybe mother nature will give me a surprise in the fall with a second flush.

I hope you all have a great weekend and good luck finding some goodies at the yard sales and flea markets. We are on our way to Palm Springs for the day for our 5th anniversary I hope we find a treasure for the home or garden. See you all later..........Julian

Sunday, June 6, 2010

~ Antique Cow Oil Paintings ~

Hello, I hope you all had a good weekend and also a good day shopping the flea markets or garage sales and tag sales. It was a hot one today and now I am rushing to put this post up today before I go to work. I'm going to join on on the fun for ~Vintage Thingie Thursday~ hosted by Suzanne over at ~ Colorado Lady ~ We picked up these two oil paintings of cows they are on canvas and are most likely from 1880-1910 if not earlier. They might be European but not quite sure. As some of you might know we collect animal oil paintings. On some of the older post still have them on display.
I like these cows just relaxing on the cool green grass while the others are drinking water.

But this is my favorite of the two because it show the cliffs near the ocean and the Herder herding the cows back to the barn. We had found the two of them at an estate sale in Redlands Ca. my hometown. I do hope you enjoy the painting's and please visit the other participant's. Have a good day and Thank You for stopping by today....Julian

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

~ White Bird bath and feeder~

Hi everyone I finally made it. I just arrived home from work and decided to post at the last minute for ~ Show And Tell Friday ~ and also for ~ Garage Salen Partay ~ hosted by Debbie. I hope you all are having a great week and are ready for a weekend of fun and garage salen or flea market adventures. I'm looking forward to a good one here in So Cal. in the city of Irvine called the Groves. We took some pictures of one, of the five bird baths we have through out the front and back gardens. That we picked up at estate sales or flea markets. Along with one of our bird feeders. We get visitors such as doves , orioles, house finches, blue birds, bluejays, woodpeckers, goldfinches, blackbirds and Lazarus buntings, and flycatchers along with a couple other's. Oh yes and lots of humming birds.

Some times our three little devil's (Missy, Tallulah & Little One) likes to chase the birds that come to eat or drink from the bird bath. This particular bird bath is probably from the 40's or the 50's and quite heavy. I like the little cement birds with their original paint.

Please be sure to visit the other participants to see their treasures. And thanks for stopping by. Have a good week.......................Julian