Monday, June 28, 2010

~ Urban Barn Sale~

Hello Everyone, I hope you all had a great weekend! We had gone to a great barn sale called ~Urban Barn~ and met a couple fellow bloggers and saw our friend Sandra Finn who has a beautiful space there. We also bought a Victorian garden bench there for a great price and it was very heavy it took three of us to load it up. I also just want to remind some of you who have the love to decorate with Red White and Blue and vintage patriotic collectibles there is a Vintage Holiday Party going on June the 30TH over at ~Anything Goes Here~ I have the button here if you like to check it out to participate.

And here are a couple pictures of the sale we went too I hope you all enjoy.

The booths were decorated to the ceiling with all kinds of treasures.

This is a French beehive in Sandra's booth. A really cool Peace for the garden.

I thought these dress forms were cool the way they were put together.

And More great garden treasures to decorate you home and garden.

I thought this was a beautiful cabinet to place all kind of goodies or as a display peace if you owned a salon or shop you could place all kinds of goodies in this to sell.

And now to the garden bench it is late 19TH century and she is made of cast iron. And she has a woman's face on the back top of it. I looked on the Internet for this pattern and the call it Betsy Ross.

She has beautiful curved legs and lots and lots of scrolls on her.

And here she is at her new home. I hope she luvs it. I hope you all enjoy the pictures and have a great week.................Julian


  1. Hi Julian! Your bench is wonderful and perfect for your garden, I'm sure she will be very happy there! That sale looked like a great one to go to, I have had a couple of crazy weeks getting ready for my sons grad party and haven't been to any sales or really anything in a while, I hope to remedy that this weekend! I am definitely attending the party, see you there! Theresa

  2. Hi Julian, I love your new bench. This is one of the prettiest I have ever seen! I am always envious of those of you that live in California and seem to have such great barn sales and flea markets.
    xo, Sherry

  3. Hi Julian... oh gorgeous!!! Love that bench, You guys seem to have the best sales ever... it is rare to see anything that nice her (and way expensive!) Love that bee skep too:-)
    Looking forward to seeing your patriotic collectables!

  4. Thanks for taking us along on your shopping trip. Love seeing the garden pieces with the indoor furniture...just fits so well together.
    Adore the bench...hope you get plenty of time to kick your legs up and enjoy it.
    ps thanks for stopping by!!! been trying to catch up to my blog friends.

  5. Oh my gosh, everything is just gorgeous!
    What a sale, I should come next time! ha ha

  6. Happy fourth of July!!! Love the tin drum but you really have some great vintage images!!!!

  7. OMG! Can we just chat about your bench?!? I have the same bench. It sat at the foot of my Grandmother's bed for years. She was an antique dealer for over 50 years and of all the items that came and went, this bench stayed close to her heart. About 18 years ago, my 3 year old niece got her finger stuck in it and the firefighter's had to come and cut the bench to release her finger. I'm scouring the internet looking for anyone who might allow me to borrow the seat to have a cast made of it so that I might be able to restore my Grandmother's bench (Or purchase it for the same purpose). It was all I received from her estate after she passed last Fall. But she loved it! And I love it! What do you think??

  8. I have the same bench! Actually I am looking to sell. I can send a pic if interested. I am located in Illinois. I also have a cast iron flower box.