Friday, December 30, 2011

~The Hands Of Time~

As the hands of time approach the New year with new hopes and dreams. Tallulah and us would like to wish you all a healthy and prosperous New Years to come.

I thought the vintage French ladies watches and the other two are German makers. Would look great to use for this special occasion along with a rose from the garden on this warm winters day. With the weather being so nice and warm theses past couple of days the roses decided to give us a late Christmas gift.

Just a small collection of vintage ladies watches found on our travels and flea markets here in So Cal.

I wonder what stories they have from first dates and marriages and as gifts from a loving family member. What beautiful mementos of a time gone by.

Some of them have the ladies name engraved on the back of them. Such as "Helen" "Constance" and a real old fashioned name as " Mary Rose".

The pocket watch is dated 1921 on the inside of the case. I sure do enjoy and treasure theses beautiful keepsakes of the past.

Thank You all for stopping by this evening and wishing you and your family a joyous New Year to come.................Tallulah

Sunday, December 25, 2011

~ Santa Postcards With The American Flag ~

Happy Christmas everyone!!!! Tallulah and us would like to wish you all a Merry Christmas with your family and friends. Hope your all enjoying the delicious food and the laughter of friends and family.

We also wanted to share a little collection of patriotic Santa's with the American Flags that were made into the design of them. They are postmarked with dates between 1907-1914.

I also wanted to share a couple gifts I received from Ray this early Christmas morning.

The first one is this Victorian stocking with metal tinsel trimming and this German scrap die cut with father Christmas. The stocking is a material I'm not familiar with and looks like it was hand cut into a shape of a stocking. On the back side of it there are some age stains or spots that gives it a little more character.

And at the bottom tip of it is a scrap tree with candles and little glass balls on it for decoration. I was so surprised to get this to add to our collection.

And the second gift was this tinsel scrap ornament with father Christmas and some more tinsel trimming. This might date from 1900's to about the early 1920's.

Well it looks like it is getting time to jump into bed and head off to dreamland. And get some rest for the big day at church and then some really good eating and fun with family and good friends.............Tallulah Today I will be linking up to ~Costal Charm~

Sunday, December 18, 2011

~ A Collection Of Antique Santa Books~

Now that Christmas is almost here and all our shopping is done and the baking has finished it's time to just relax and watch the lights twinkle in the Christmas tree. And watch Christmas movies on the T.V.

But we also wanted to share our antique Christmas children's books with you all.

They date from the 1880's to about 1910 for the latest one. We found them at various shops and flea markets here in So.Cal and the prices were really great for them.

The graphics and the rich colors look so much better in person than on the photos.

We have them out all year long in a big cabinet with our most cherished Christmas goodies to look at throughout the year.They are all set up on different shelves in little vignettes that I will share with you all next time. Well it's that time to watch our Christmas show so I will see you later. Wishing you all a some fun shopping with the time you have left. And Happy Holidays.........Tallulah

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

~ A Collection Of Antique And Vintage Santas ~

Now that our annual Christmas party has finally come to a end it is time to get back to blogging once again. We have missed many great Christmas post . So it looks like I better get a mug of hot cider and sit in front of the tree and start reading. Lol Just a warning if you don't like Santa very much there are a lot ahead in this post so be prepared. lol We have a collection of antique and vintage Santa's dating from the 1870's - 1950's. We started collecting them about 8 years ago. This Santa riding in the pine cone car dates to about the 50's or early 60's. He is from West Germany.

I found about 15 vintage 48 star silk flags at a shop here in town so I bought them and use them for the Belsnikles and Santa's who are missing their feather trees.

All of them except for two or three are from Germany and West Germany and also pre WW II Japan.

This little guy is ridding on this deer to go deliver gifts and he is holding a vintage flag.

This little guy above is made of celluloid during the late 20's or early 30's.

Here is Santa with a pair of skis this ins one of the early ones made in Japan during the 30's.

I like this hand made sleigh above it is a great folk art piece. And there is a belsnikle riding inside it. This is a German Santa and dates from about the late teens to early 20's.
We found this wooden bowl with the snow scene at another friends shop in Yucaipa.

This Santa above is riding a vintage putz pony and the Santa is a 1920's German Santa.

My favorites Santa's are the composition and paper mache Santa's from the 1870's - 1910.

The Christmas tip bucket is a fun little treasure with Santa in his sleigh and reindeer. It was probably a holiday gift from the early 1900's. And is a local peace from Upland Ca. It might of been a dry good store.

The other side of the mantle filled with some very early German Santa's.

I must apologize for the long post of Santa's but what can I say I just luv SANTA. Lol Thanks for stopping by today and wishing you all Happy Holidays............Tallulah Today I will be linking up to Colorado Lady for ~Vintage Thingie Thursday~ And also for ~ Vintage Inspiration Friday ~ and also over at ~ French Country Cottage ~ And also ~ Show And Tell Friday ~