Sunday, December 26, 2010


Wishing all our friends out in the blogging world and family a HEALTHY & PROSPEROUS NEW YEAR TO ALL. As we try to stay dry from another day of much needed rain. Since the Christmas season is still in the air I wanted to share with you all some antique post cards of Santa making his trip to different places for the holiday.

And if you look real close at the cards, they all have American flags displayed on them. All three were made from 1904-1910. They are postmarked with the dates and a small message, sent to luved ones at the time. I like using old flower frogs to display the postcards. They seem to display much better. I hope you have enjoyed our Americana Santa post card collection and also wishing you all once again a HAPPY AND SAFE NEW YEAR.............Julian & Ray Today I will be linking for VINTIAGE THINGIE THURSDAY and also for ~ VINTIAGE INSPIRATION FRIDAY ~ and also for ~ SHOW AND TELL FRIDAY~ and just one more LOL ~ FRENCH COUNTRY COTTAGE ~ I hope you all enjoy the other blogger photos.

Sunday, December 19, 2010


Good morning everyone I hope you are all ready for the holiday. We would like to wish everyone a very "MERRY CHRISTMAS". Here are a some of the antique and vintage ornaments which hang from the branches of our tree. I would like to share with you.

Some of them have some paint loss but that's ok with us. They have survived this long being made of glass. So we give them the honor to hang on the tree. This baby with the bottle is Ray's favorite and the pine cone is one of mine.

They are made in Germany as well as West Germany and a couple of the pine cones in our collection are from France.

Isn't this little Clown cute! He just brings a smile to my face every time I look at him. This little guy on the bottom photo is another favorite of Rays. I haven't seen another one like this yet.
Ray likes to collect Black Americana goodies when we can find them.

Here is a trio of ornaments with a pink fish we found at the flea market.

This baby peek out of her little bag with a bow around her is a cutie.

We found this little angel faced one at a open house at '' COUNTRY VILLAGE"

Same with this bird with the crinkle wire. She was missing her feathers so I dressed her up with Peacock feathers.

I like these Victorian cones once filled with sweets & nuts for children. And the embossed die cuts of Santa are my favorite with all that tinsel.

This clown has lost some of his luster but he still looks great with the lights shining on him.

And an ornament for Tallulah and her sisters a glass German pup hangs from the branches.

We will leave you for now, time to get ready for Christmas Choir and Holiday tea at church today. May you all have a very "Merry Christmas" And hope your able to enjoy it with your family & friends.....Be safe...........Julian & Ray (Tallulah, Missy & Little One) Today I will be linking on to ~ VINTAGE THINGIE THURSDAY ~ , ~ VINTAGE INSPIRATION FRIDAY ~ ~ FRENCH COUNTRY COTTAGE ~ and also for ~ SHOW AND TELL FRIDAY ~ and also ~ Saturday Night Special ~

Tuesday, December 14, 2010


Well the party was a success over the weekend. With family and friends to entertain well into the evening. We managed to forget to take pictures of the guest. But we did take more photos of the decorations throughout our home. We found this little sleigh which is a folk art piece in one of our favorite stores called "DOWN HOME ANTIQUES" in the OC. The little Santa candy container was a buy from E-bay.

Ray had set up this vignette with vintage COKE items and the bike belonged to his father when he was a young boy.
The tree which sits in the living room is at least 9ft tall. And is decorated with vintage and new glass ornaments which I've been collecting since 1983. And enough lights I'm afraid to see the power bill! LOL

At the foot of the tree are a collection of vintage toys, Ray has collected throughout the years. He made the Chess board in High School not to many years ago. (lol) And the antique Edwardian pony was a purchase from our friend Rusty who deals in primitives.

In theses two photos there is a collection of vintage putz houses and Santa's, deer's and lambs that decorate the mantles and table tops throughout the house.

This is a primitive corner cabinet we found at TWO WILD ROSES event in Redlands. It goes wonderfully in the same room with our larger primitive corner cabinet.

We luv to collect children's Christmas books from the 1890s-1910. I just adore the antique images of Santa fat or skinny he is tooo CUTE!

Well I hope you enjoyed the photos and I will be joining in on some show and tell party's. So if you get a chance to take a look at all our fellow Blogger's post, that would be great. We have gotten some great decorating ideals from some of them. Hope you do too! Have a good day friends.............Julian & Ray ~ VINTAGE THINGIE THURSDAY ~ ~ VINTAGE INSPIRATION FRIDAY ~ ~ FRENCH COUNTRY COTTAGE ~ and ~ SHOW AND TELL FRIDAY ~

Thursday, December 9, 2010


Christmas decorating are almost done! Yippee yea it will be nice to get everything done and ready. So we can relax with our friends and family in two days for the party. We will post more pictures of the party and the decorations later. Here we have some more Christmas goodies from our collection. Throughout the year our most treasured items from Christmas past stay in a big cabinet to enjoy, all year and also in a secretary cabinet. But when the holidays come around they are all through out the house for our friends and family to enjoy. I will be joining in on a couple blog party's for some show and tell. I hope you all enjoy the wonderful things other participants will be sharing with you. Have a good weekend....Julian & Ray

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Mora's Antiques Open House

We would like to show our support for our friends and local business owners Jamie and Vicky! By letting everyone know about their Christmas Open House Dec 11th (10am-6pm) at Mora's Antiques! Located at 142 N. Main St. Lake Elsinore Calif.
Good Luck girls, and have a wonderful Christmas Open House! We'll see ya there!!

Monday, November 29, 2010


Now that Thanksgiving is over its time to start getting ready for our annual Christmas gathering, at our home. And there is a ton to do for the two of us and we need HELP! Where is Santa's little helpers when we need them. (Lol) This is just a small portion of 19Th and early 20Th century ornaments that we have and put out during this fun month.

This little tree has some German glass ornaments, there is a yellow belsnickle, isn't he cute and we love to collect these German metal deer. I hope you all had a good Thanksgiving and It seems a lot of you out in blog world have finished decorating from the blogs, I have read. Believe me we are trying to get everything done before Dec 11Th. Because the party must go on! Well hope to see you soon again.
Let's us not forgot the true meaning of the season.....Julian & Ray
Today I will be linking up to some fun parties one over at COMMON GROUND for ~ Vintage Inspiration Friday ~
and also at ~ FRENCH COUNTRY COTTAGE ~ and also ~ SHOW AND TELL FRIDAY ~ and also for ~ SATURDAY SHOW OFF ~ I hope you enjoy seeing all the treasures other participants have to share.

Thursday, November 18, 2010


Wishing all our friends and family out there in blog land a HAPPY THANKSGIVING Today we wanted to share with all our friends out there. Our antique turkey candy containers and other Thanksgiving related collectibles with you all. We have a small collection of turkey candy containers from the late 19Th century to about the 1930's. I believe these treasures were filled with candy and given to children for our American holiday. The head and neck comes off on the more detailed ones and are filled with goodies. The one on the far left side is filled from the bottom. We have four or five of the Tom turkeys and one hen which was very hard to find but thanks to e-bay it makes it much easier to find goodies like this. The flow blue plate was a garage sale find Ray had spotted for a bargain.
They are all made with paper mache and a couple have glass eyes and are hand painted. They come from Germany and are getting harder to find. So if you decide to start a collection always be on the hunt for a white Tom turkey they are pretty rare. Maybe I can join in for White Wednesday with the blue & white turkey plate for show and tell today. We also have a collection of antique postcards with the children and turkeys with the American Flag. They all date from 1906 -1912 and were found at shops and flea markets.

We would like to wish all our friends a Happy Thanksgiving with their family and friends as we will be looking forward to going to my mothers for the holiday. I will be linking up to a couple of parties today so I hope you will have fun checking them out. Have a safe Thanksgiving .......Julian & Ray Theses are a couple of the fun parties I will be linking up to for some fun. ~Nifty Thrifty Tuesday ~ which is hosted by Linda and also for ~ White Wednesday ~ which is hosted by Kathleen over at Faded Charm and also for ~ Vintage Thingie Thursday ~

Tuesday, November 9, 2010


In a room downstairs we have a collection of what we call our ladies sit'n room. Which has items for a woman's vanity along with a couple of glass beaded flapper dresses. There is also a collection of Edwardian hats and cloches with glass beads and metallic trim.

Here is a young bride on her wedding day. Her portrait sits in this bar bola frame from the early 20s. Along with some beautiful white button up wedding boots.

We just bought the vanity mirror, at a sale in Redlands this weekend for a awesome low price.

We found our display case at a wonderful Antique store. We took out the shelves in the case and used old hat boxes to get different heights in it. And then used a couple of mannequin heads and old hat stands for the cloches to set on. We also have some vintage dress trim and lace for the bottom of the case.

This cloche above, I bought at a show in Pasadena the body of the hat is lamae material with glass beads and steel cut beads. I was told by the dealer that the hat came from Paris but who knows.

This hat has some beautiful metallic material and threading on it with flowers.

Some more treasures from our Ladies sit'n room. Are a pair of 1920s shoes they also have some steel cut beads as embellishments.

This hat has ribbon work for the trim of the hat and also made of straw.

This skull cap also has some metallic and crystal beads for decoration on it. Well this is just a small part of the hat collection and we will share more next time. I hope you all enjoy the collection of treasures. I will be linking up for ~ Vintage Inspiration Friday ~ Show And Tell Friday~ ~ French Country Cottage ~ and also for ~ Male's Rose Garden ~ Have some fun hunting for some treasures and have a nice weekend .................... Julian & Ray

Ladies Cloce

Monday, November 1, 2010


Good morning all, Tallulah just wants to say HAPPY NOVEMBER! as she relaxes in the garden with her sisters. She is relaxing on a cast iron chaise lounge we had found at a flea market. And had a friend make the pillows and pillow seat for us. The girls always seam to enjoy this garden seat more than we do. We will be linking up to ~ French Country Cottage ~ which is hosted by Suzanne, ~ Show And Tell Friday ~ and also for ~ Vintage Inspiration Friday ~ Hope you all enjoy your weekend...... Julian & Ray

Tuesday, October 26, 2010


Halloween has finally arrived and we are getting ready to enjoy all the blog parties that will be happening this fun weekend. So I hope to see every ones vintage and new Halloween collections and vignettes. We will be sharing our vintage collections at a couple of blog parties this weekend also. I will be linking up to ~ Anything Goes Here ~ for a Vintage Halloween Blog Party and also ~Vintage Inspiration Friday ~ and also for ~ Show And Tell Friday ~ I cant wait to see all the great post our friends had posted for this weekend.
Raymond and I collect various vintage holiday collectibles so we can decorate the house throughout the year. This is a mechanical postcard dated 1906. The little guys arm moves up and down to cover his face with the jack-o -lantern and next to him is a one of four nut cups made of paper mac he.

Raymond had done all the decorating with this vignette and also thought our home. But we both hunt for new goodies for the house on our travels. Here are some paper mac he pumpkins and noise makers made of tin. The crow has glass eyes it might of been a candy container at one time but I'm not real sure about this. My favorite teddy bear is always in on the action when it comes to holiday vignettes.

There are a couple of the jack -O -latterns wearing vintage crape paper party hats from the 20s. And a couple of postcards from our collection. The glass case on the bottom is where we store them throughout the year so we can see it all the time.

This is Ray's idea of a vampire pumpkin ghoul with a mask and cape I wore to a party last year.

This guy is a child's vintage costume from the 50's I just stuffed him with crape paper and used a new candy container for his head.

And here we have a witch on top of the buffet usually this mannequin is wearing a cloche hat from our collection of flapper hats we have.

And this vintage Mickey Mouse mask Ray picked up at a barn sale in San Diego Co.

Here are some more party nut cups Ray had bought me for Christmas last year for our collection. And then the cool little black cat jack- o- lantern was a good find there is also an orange one too.

This vignette is in the entry of the house decorated with some more antique postcards.

In the photo below Ray had found this Halloween photo of a young lady who decided to get her picture taken before she went to a party during the1920s. And also the orange book called" The Witch"on one of his travels during his lunch hour.

Well I hope you enjoyed our collection of vintage and antique Halloween goodies and please be sure to visit the other participants. Have a fun Halloween weather going to parties or taking your children and grandchildren trick or treating.......Julian & Ray