Sunday, March 27, 2011

~ Antique Easter Postcards ~

Hi Everyone, I hope you are all enjoying your weekend. As for us we are getting ready for a little Easter decorating after church around our home. But for starters I will share our collection of antique Easter postcards. Some of them are dated from 1904-1914. Some of them have sweet Easter greetings for the receiver of the card.

I'm not sure about this card above but it looks like the person who received this one, was reminded too called their friend Arizona Jack.

We took theses pictures out in the garden hoping it would be a great back drop for the cards.

Thank You for stopping by today and we hope you all have enjoyed the cards. We hope to be able to share some more of our collection as it gets closer to this wonderful day ..............Julian&Ray Today I will be linking to ~ Cottage Flora Thursday's ~ ~ Vintage Thingie Thursday ~ ~ Open House Party ~ ~ Vintage Inspiration Friday~ and also at ~ French Country Cottage ~ ~ Show And Tell Friday ~ and ~ Saturday ShowOff ~

Saturday, March 19, 2011

~ Antique Rose Inspired Treasures # 2 ~

After a day of some gardening in the courtyard and a little of antiquing in town, I've decided to share some more rose oil paintings in our collection. I can smell the homemade spaghetti sauce Ray is cooking up as I am writing this post. yum-yum!

Being that our roses aren't ready to bloom outside yet. We get to enjoy the roses on the walls of our home. Till the outside garden blooms and shows us her colors. This one above is my favorite.

They are a wonderful collection of paintings that ladies did as a hobby, back in the late 19Th and early 20Th century.

I like this one with the bees hovering above these pretty red roses.

This one has a pretty frame and is painted on board.(above)

These yellow roses were my first rose oil painting that got me hooked on collecting roses, 13 years ago.

Here is a water color and gouache with bumblebees on the basket and flying above the roses. (below)

Some of our oil paintings are signed and dated by the women who painted them.
And that makes them, that more special to us.

We enjoy how some of them are real simple looking.

Thank You for stopping by today and I hope you have enjoyed the garden that hangs on the walls of our home...............Julian & Ray Tonight I will be linking on to * Vintage Thingie Thursday * Open House

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Sunday, March 13, 2011


I hope you are all enjoying a beautiful Sunday afternoon. I just wanted to put up a new post just before I go out to the garden and do some work.
As proimsed, this is the second part of our Amphora collection. Which where made in several counties of Europe, Austria, Czechoslovakia ect. With theses pieces they are decorated with hand applied leaves and flowers and some of the vessels are also made by hand. We have been able to find some with roses.

And some have applied fruit to them like this one with the berries below.

With theses vases the makers also used mercury and uranium, to get the glazes and colors.

I hope you enjoyed this second part of our collection.
Thanks for stopping by today.........Julian & Ray
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Sunday, March 6, 2011


In January we went to Palm Springs for Raymond's birthday. And did a little antique shopping around town and this is one of the treasures we came across. We luv to eat at a great restaurant out there for some tasty steak and lobster.

It is a yard long pansy oil on canvas painting and it was a really good price also. It is probably late 19TH century and painted by some lady on a sunny Sunday afternoon. I've heard dealers use the word Sunday paintings but who knows we just liked it and could not pass it up. So the saying goes LOL

My phone seem's not to have captured the great colors of the flowers or maybe it is just the lighting.

I always seem to say one more painting for our collection but it just grows and grows. In an older post there is photo of some of the other pansy paintings in our collection. I hope you enjoyed seeing our newest find. Thank You so much for stopping by and have a great week........Julian & Ray