Tuesday, October 26, 2010


Halloween has finally arrived and we are getting ready to enjoy all the blog parties that will be happening this fun weekend. So I hope to see every ones vintage and new Halloween collections and vignettes. We will be sharing our vintage collections at a couple of blog parties this weekend also. I will be linking up to ~ Anything Goes Here ~ for a Vintage Halloween Blog Party and also ~Vintage Inspiration Friday ~ and also for ~ Show And Tell Friday ~ I cant wait to see all the great post our friends had posted for this weekend.
Raymond and I collect various vintage holiday collectibles so we can decorate the house throughout the year. This is a mechanical postcard dated 1906. The little guys arm moves up and down to cover his face with the jack-o -lantern and next to him is a one of four nut cups made of paper mac he.

Raymond had done all the decorating with this vignette and also thought our home. But we both hunt for new goodies for the house on our travels. Here are some paper mac he pumpkins and noise makers made of tin. The crow has glass eyes it might of been a candy container at one time but I'm not real sure about this. My favorite teddy bear is always in on the action when it comes to holiday vignettes.

There are a couple of the jack -O -latterns wearing vintage crape paper party hats from the 20s. And a couple of postcards from our collection. The glass case on the bottom is where we store them throughout the year so we can see it all the time.

This is Ray's idea of a vampire pumpkin ghoul with a mask and cape I wore to a party last year.

This guy is a child's vintage costume from the 50's I just stuffed him with crape paper and used a new candy container for his head.

And here we have a witch on top of the buffet usually this mannequin is wearing a cloche hat from our collection of flapper hats we have.

And this vintage Mickey Mouse mask Ray picked up at a barn sale in San Diego Co.

Here are some more party nut cups Ray had bought me for Christmas last year for our collection. And then the cool little black cat jack- o- lantern was a good find there is also an orange one too.

This vignette is in the entry of the house decorated with some more antique postcards.

In the photo below Ray had found this Halloween photo of a young lady who decided to get her picture taken before she went to a party during the1920s. And also the orange book called" The Witch"on one of his travels during his lunch hour.

Well I hope you enjoyed our collection of vintage and antique Halloween goodies and please be sure to visit the other participants. Have a fun Halloween weather going to parties or taking your children and grandchildren trick or treating.......Julian & Ray

Sunday, October 24, 2010


This morning as we were relaxing drinking our hot coco. I asked Ray, if he could take some photos of our fruit painting collection. So we could share with all of you, these paintings are from the late 19th century to the early 20's. I hope you enjoy our collection of fruits, there are a couple more we didn't get a chance to share. Maybe next time!

The majority of our collection were found in shops and a couple from flea markets we like to go too.

I like this one with the watermelon and the seeds it always reminds me of Summer. And I love the primitive country look to this one the artist did a good job. It reminds me of when we went to South Carolina last year. Ray and his family are REALLY big watermelon eaters!! lol
If I wasn't there I think they would have had a seed spitting contest!

The bushell of apples are Rays favorite we don't mind a little damage to them, it gives them a little character. And they are usually a better bargain if you don't mind flaws.

It has a nice old primitive frame that goes good with it. I found this one at one of my favorite shops called Down Home Antiques in Orange county.

This is another one of my favorites this country basket with ripe cherry's. I like the redness of the cherry's in this one. The colors of the fruit on all the paintings look much better in person.

This also has a great frame with an arts and crafts look to it.

Who can resist summers bounty of grapes and peaches from the garden with this one.

This is probably our earliest oil painting of fruit. I believe it is from the 1830 to 1850s it also has a pretty gold gilt frame with neat patina on it. I like this one very much it was a lucky find at Irvine flea market here in California.

I like the colors of the peaches and the early basket with the river behind the basket of Summers fruit. This evening I will be linking up to ~Vintage Thingie Thursday ~ which is hosted by Suzzane. I hope you enjoyed our collection of antique fruit paintings and enjoy the rest of the brand new week.........Julian & Ray

Thursday, October 21, 2010


Hello Friends, I hope you all hare having a great week and are keeping warm with this sudden change in weather. We are going to share a couple oils of children we have in our collection. I must apologize for the photos they are grainy. They were painted from the turn of the 19Th to about 1920's.

This one is cute because the boy is telling his sister or friend a secret. And I like the way the little daisy's are painted all over the field beneath their feet.

This pair of children seem to be playing near a pond and of course the boy being a boy, poking a stick at the poor little turtle. While the little girl seem to have her arms in the air telling him to leave the poor thing alone.

This is a cute little painting with these two children watching a ship sail by as they stand on the ocean coast.

Maybe you can see the ship better with this photo. Well I hope you enjoyed the paintings and please see the other post if you get a chance to. Today I will be joining in over at ~ Common Ground ~ for ~ Vintage Inspiration Friday ~ and also for ~ Show And Tell Friday ~ I hope you all have a good weekend treasure hunting and wish you lot of luck.....Julian & Ray

Friday, October 15, 2010


Hi there, I hope your all doing well and enjoying your Fall. I know that we are really enjoying the cooler weather now and so is our garden. I wanted to share a couple more oil paintings from our collection here at home. Some more kittens that we have playing in the living room. I decided to join in for ~ White Wednesday ~ being they have some splashes of white on their faces and paws.

This oil is on canvas and is one I found at a friends shop in San Bernardino Ca. It is dated 1886 and does have the artist name on it but I haven't really looked up the artist. I just know that I like the kittens in the hay taking a nap while their mother watches them. It looks like they are in a barn with the hay all over the floor.

This oil is also a Victorian painting and is painted on board. These little guys were too cute to pass up. And the price was a steal. It has a pretty little gold gesso frame which makes it a little sweet painting.

I'm going to join for ~ White Wednesday ~ and also for ~ Vintage Thingie Thursday ~So if you like to take a look at some other wonderful post Stop by! I hope you find some interesting things on your journey this week. Thanks for stopping by and have a good week....Julian & Ray

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

~ Bring Out The Vintage Quilts ~

Well it's that time again to bring out the quilts and coverlets out of the Old blanket chest to stay nice and cozy. I luv to use these old quilts to keep us warm during those chilly nights during the winter months. And with the surprise of Fall coming quick here in California, I am eager to bring them out of of their summer resting spot. Tallulah decided to help me dig them out of the chest but she ended up getting bored and decided it was more fun to play with her stuffed lambie and let me do all the work instead. LOL But I'm sure she will be right there when it gets cold and she wants to snugle up.

Our favorite coverlet is dated 1830 and is an American Piece and was found at a shop here in town. All the quilts came from flea markets and estate sales and even a couple of shops throughout our travels. The blanket chest is also an American piece and is made of pine wood. I am not sure where it was made but I wish it was a southern treasure. It dates from the 1830s to about the 1860s.

This mustard painted chair is one of a pair we picked up at a flea market in Pasadena. I luv to add American primitives to our collection when we can find it for a good price. It is just being at the right place at the right time I guess.
Here is a better photo of the quilts. I don't mind a little damage to them. It just goes to show that the women who made them enjoyed using them (as we do) on those chilly nights. But this morning while I was looking at the weather forecast they say it might be 92 degrees on Sunday. What can I say California weather is a surprise week to week. But the nights will be in the high 50s to 60s.
And here are some more vignettes throughout our home with antique Halloween treasures We luv this black Americana post card it is a great antique post card the little guys arm moves up and down to cover his face and it is postmarked 1906 or 08.
The young lady decided to have her photo taken with her costume before she left to her Halloween party for the evening.

Throughout the years of us collecting we have picked up many of the goodies pictured here at some great shops and flea markets for really good prices.

I like to use vintage bears for all the holiday collections we do. I think they just add that extra touch of vintage to the whole vignette. You can see some paper mache pumpkins and the black cat Jack-ol-lantern which date from the 30s to the 50s.

And a couple of the pumpkins are wearing crape paper hats from parties from the 20's along with some noise makers and those cute small nut cups as party favors. I hope you have enjoyed the collection. I'm going to join in for ~ Vintage Inspiration Friday ~ hosted by Debra over at ~ Common Ground ~ and also for ~ Show Off Your Cottage Monday ~ hosted by Cielo. So come on by and see all the great post fellow bloggers had posted. Have your selves a good weekend.....Julian & Raymond

Sunday, October 3, 2010

~ Fall Is In The Air ~

Hello, I hope you all had a great weekend. We went to the flea market this morning and Fall was definitely in the air for Southern California. It was 73 degrees and the crowd of shoppers were pleasant to shop with. We picked up a small Indian beaded pincushion in the shape of a boot. It was hidden in a box of Christmas ornaments. I was glad to purchase it for 8 bucks.

I also wanted to share some more oil paintings from our collection. The oils in our collection probably date from the 1870s to 1915. I luv the donkeys and the little burro has a cute look to his face.

These little piggy's have the cutest expressions on there faces. And if you can look closely you can see the little pigs curly tail in the left of the painting.

This little oil painting of the chick is on board. I had to pay a pretty penny for it on E-bay during a bidding war. But we are glad to have it as part of our collection.

I just love this primitive oil painting of the two horses. I really like the white horse standing so proud.

And now I come to some more of our Fall decorations. The paper mache pumpkins are from the 30s through the 50s.

The noise makers are tin and might be 50s or 60s. Then there is the hat from the 20's Mr. Pumpkin is wearing. There is also the black cat jack o Latern. And the little Jack-o-Laterns small party nut cups that are also paper mache. Aren't they cute. And also some more antique postcards, most of our postcards date from 1904-1915.
Thanks Raymond for doing a great job decorating the entry way to the house and also the breakfast room. Today I will be linking up to ~ Nifty Thrifty Tuesday ~ over at ~ Costal Charm ~ And also for a ~ Fall Decor Link Party ~ hosted by Kristin. Hope you have a good time seeing all the different post.
Have a good week and see again soon.............Julian