Wednesday, July 20, 2011


I know it has been a while since our last visit with you all. But it has been busy in the garden and Summer seems to take all my time in the mornings. With all this heat we been having this Summer we decided it was time to bring out our vintage and antique beach related items and make a couple vignettes to share with all of you.

Here the bears are enjoying the vintage and antique sand pails that we found at a couple shops here in So Cal. One of them are from the 20s 40s and the 50s or 60s.

Here are a couple of antique postcards depicting ocean scenes. I like the one with the monkeys at the beach with there Victorian swim suits. They are too cute.

Here is a Victorian puzzle with a little girl at the beach with her best friend enjoying playing in the sand.

This pail is from the 1920s or 30s. It shows theses two children catching a starfish with there net. We used Spanish moss that we brought back from South Carolina as sea weed or did we buy it here in town wink wink? For the vignettes since the real thing will dry up quick and make a slimy mess. lol

In this pic we have this chalk ware mermaid from the 1920's which was a carnival prize that someone probably won at a country fair or maybe at the boardwalk?

Here is a little vignette with a child's plate with a couple little sailors from the late Victorian period. On the right side is an old ship book stand to keep books in place.

I hope you enjoyed the pic's and our little beach treasures. Hope you all stay cool with this hot Summer we are having this year. Have yourselves a very cool day and see you all later......Julian&Ray I will be linking up to ~ A Delightsome Life~ ~ A Stroll Through Life~ ~ Wow Us Wednesday~ ~ Vintage Thingie Thursday~