Wednesday, April 4, 2012

~ Vintage Easter Treasures ~

Easter has finally reached us once again my friends. Ans Spring has brought new life to the garden both in plant form and wild life.

Tallulah decided to bring out a collection of late 19th and early 20th century candy containers and a couple other Easter goodies from the 20's.

I also forgot to mention the cute little oil paintings of chicks also from the late 18990s and early 1900s. Well we have to get back to work in the garden Wishing you all a beautiful Easter service and Easter celebration with family and friends. In celebrating the true meaning of Easter this Sunday. Today I will be linking up to~~~~~~~~~~ COMMON GROUND ~~ FRENCH COUNTRY COTTAGE~~ And also for ~~ SHOW AND TELL FRIDAY~~

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

~Flowers From The Garden~

Well Spring has finally arrived here in the garden and I wanted to share some of the blooms from the garden.
 In the garden we have a couple varieties of lavender that are supposed to be French and we also have some beautiful Spanish lavender the the bees just love.  Lol
 We set up this little vignette with an old antique book from 1813.  And this sweet little English vase with the lamb.  I think we can incorporate this for an Easter post also.
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Thursday, March 15, 2012

~ Vintage Green & Garden Lavender~

Happy St. Patty's Day weekend friends, I hope you are all doing very well and are enjoying a beautiful week. Tallulah decided to bring out a collection of antique green glass and a velvet Victorian pillow with ribbon work done on it by some young lady of that time.

I love this small piece of vintage green beads with the small Venetian glass bead with it,and the Victorian lay down perfume bottle with silver caps there is also a Art Nouveau green vase with some silver overlay on it. After we put this small vignette together we decided to into the garden and pick some lavender. For another little vignette to share with you.

With Spring already here in California Tallulah snipped off a couple of the bloom from the different variates of lavender throughout the garden.

We had to ask the bee's permission because they were so busy working away on the bushes full of lavender blooms. I wonder where all that sweet lavender honey is hiding at? LOL

I put together this small vignette with this sweet little lamb vase and a couple of antique paintings. I thought it just might add the right touch well Thank You all for stopping by for a visit today. We just like to wish you all a safe and beautiful weekend............Tallulah Today I will be linking up to ~FRENCH COUNTRY COTTAGE~

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

~ Vintage Strawberry Pin Cushions~

It's must be that time again with many strawberry stands here in this part of So.Cal filled with plump and juicy strawberries for pies and fresh jam.

With all those stands up I decided to set up a vignette to share with a collection of vintage strawberry pincushions That we have found throughout our travels here in So. Cal at some of our favorite shops.

I also used this antique oil painting of strawberries as a backdrop and some vintage gardening tools from the yard to dress it up a bit.

Thank You all for stopping by for a visit and have a good week treasure hunting at your local shops...............Tallulah Today I will be linking up to ~COLORADO LADY~

Wednesday, February 8, 2012


St.Valentines Day just around the corner. I decided to bring out our collection of Victorian 3-D cards. You can still find these wonderful cards at various antique shops and flea markets.

These were all made in Germany and date from 189Os-1915.

The ship and the little cherub riding the bike are my favorites. And I guess the fan, also. Lol

I also decided to use a couple of our rose oil painting's as a back drop for the vignettes of cards.

Theses lovey German die cuts on the fan are decorated with beautiful Victorian women and some pretty cool little heart faces.

This little guy standing is on carriage full of flowers, being pulled by two sweet turtle doves. What a beautiful card!

This little guy is taking a cart full of flowers to his little sweet heart. He is a busy little man. lol
And the card on the bottom has a little sister and brother with a dove cote full on doves in it. With some vintage heart shaped cookie cutters.

Thanks for stopping by today, and checking out our cards! For me Valentines comes everyday as I look in our cabinet where these wonderful cards are displayed through out the year for me to remember LOVE comes everyday. I would like to wish you and your love ones a "Happy Valentines Day"..............TALLULAH


Thursday, February 2, 2012

~ ST. Valentines Cards~

With Valentines coming up in a couple of weeks I wanted to share some Victorian cards and a couple trinkets that we have come across during our little road trips here in California.

I just luv theses little delicate hand painted broaches. That women had painted as a hobby many years ago. I can just see a group of ladies painting theses little treasures and trying to figure out what color roses they were going to paint that day.

This little tin heart shaped box was a fun little find that I couldn't pass up. Lol I just adore that cute little face on the cherub. He looks like he is up to something. lol

I added theses Victorian perfume bottles with their red color and the delicate silver overlay for the vignette since the color was right for the occasion.

The vintage cards were made in Germany and England. They date from 1906-1910. some of them are from local towns here in Southern California and the notes in the back are cute.

I used theses little heart shaped pins and locket for this little vignette.

Well I guess Its time to get ready for before I'm late. lol Thank You all for stopping by today and hope you all have a beautiful weekend......................Tallulah Today I will be linking up to ~FRENCH COUNTRY COTTAGE~

Monday, January 23, 2012

~Primitive Valentine Pin Cushions~

Hello friends nice to see you all once again. With Valentines approaching once again. We decided to bring a some hearts. This French wire heart was once used to hold sales receipts I believe. I luv the way the wire has been braided and made into the shape of a heart. I wonder if it was hand made.

This heart shaped pincushion looks like it was once part of a crazy quilt. But this is how I found it when I rescued it from the thrift store.And here is a collection of primitive pin cushions made long ago. To help women with there sewing need by holding sharp needles. This one is dated 1907 and has glass beads.

I am very happy you all stopped by today. Until next time we wish you a beautiful week................Tallulah Tonight I will be linking up to ~COLORADO LADY ~ ~ VINTAGE INSPIRATION FRIDAY~ ~ FRENCH COUNTRY COTTAGE~

Monday, January 16, 2012

~ Wintiers Whites Creams & Silvers ~

We are finally getting some rain for our garden here in So Cal. this morning and expecting some more this weekend which I am so happy about. Since I can't play in the garden today. I decided to share some antique perfume bottles and a couple of our wonderful little bust this morning.A couple of the bottles have some silver overlay and look as if they could use a bit of polishing. But I enjoy the patina of aged silver. Maybe a little rub here and there to bring out a little shine. Lol

The silver overlay bottles are made in France and are from the late 19Th century and the other two smaller ones are English.

I also included these bust from the Victorian period since they had some creams and white for winter. The larger one of the two was hand carved and from Italy. In the front of the bust there is a encryption that reads " Beatrice" and the smaller one is a French lady wearing hear beautiful hat. Oh how I look forward to seeing some of our roses blooming once again. I see some new growth on the ones we had pruned earlier this month already.

Thank You all for visiting us today Tallulah and I enjoy your company and comments, hope to see you at the local flea markets here in Calif. Have a beautiful day friends.............Today, Tallulah will be linking up to A STROLL THROUGH LIFE