Thursday, February 2, 2012

~ ST. Valentines Cards~

With Valentines coming up in a couple of weeks I wanted to share some Victorian cards and a couple trinkets that we have come across during our little road trips here in California.

I just luv theses little delicate hand painted broaches. That women had painted as a hobby many years ago. I can just see a group of ladies painting theses little treasures and trying to figure out what color roses they were going to paint that day.

This little tin heart shaped box was a fun little find that I couldn't pass up. Lol I just adore that cute little face on the cherub. He looks like he is up to something. lol

I added theses Victorian perfume bottles with their red color and the delicate silver overlay for the vignette since the color was right for the occasion.

The vintage cards were made in Germany and England. They date from 1906-1910. some of them are from local towns here in Southern California and the notes in the back are cute.

I used theses little heart shaped pins and locket for this little vignette.

Well I guess Its time to get ready for before I'm late. lol Thank You all for stopping by today and hope you all have a beautiful weekend......................Tallulah Today I will be linking up to ~FRENCH COUNTRY COTTAGE~


  1. Tallulah, have you taken over the computer from the parental units:)

    I just love love love anything cherub!!! These vintage cards are absolutely gorgeous! I just can't believe all the amazing collections you guys have...I bet your home has some serious eye candy!

    Happy *almost* Valentine's:)

  2. Absolutely fabulous cards, what a collection.
    Have a gorgeous day~
    TTFN ~

  3. Those broaches are gorgeous!
    What a great collection