Sunday, November 27, 2011

~ Support Small Business Day Finds ~

I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving with family and friends as we did. But the other fun began on Saturday morning. We had gotten up early and went to support some of our favorite antique shops for small business day.

We had gone to three different counties where some of our favorite shops are. Here are a couple of glass ornaments we found. And one bisque statue of a little girl with her puppy she was made in Japan probably right before the 1940s.

The glass ornaments were made in Germany and West Germany between the 1930's through the 1950's. I like the Santa and the little bears are my favorites. Well Thanks for stopping by today and wishing you all a great week......Tallulah's

Sunday, November 13, 2011

~ Antique And Vintage Thanksgiving Display ~

Thanksgiving is just around the corner, 2011 has flewn by so fast so now we have pulled out all our wonderful turkeys for display for the Holiday. We used are old wooden store display to create different levels of display. Which gives us more room to show off our little goodies! Right below the Thanksgiving display our Halloween collection is tuck away for another year but kept in a old glass store display so we may view it through out the year.Here we have a couple of antique plates with turkeys on them. The blue and white Turkey plate was a three dollar purchase at a garage sale. We found one online and it was sold for alot more than 3 dollars. I sure LOVE garage sales...LOL

We have a small collection of paper mache Turkey candy containers we have found at shops and flea markets here in So. Cali.

The Turkeys were filled with little pieces of candy and given out to children as play toys.

The Turkeys were made in Germany some where between 1905-1930s. They have metal feet and a couple have glass eyes.

This big Turkey on the left was found in one of our many favorite stores called Country Roads in Orange County.

We have also used some dried gourds and pomegranates this year for our display this year. We would like to wish you and your family a "HAPPY THANKSGIVING"...............Tallulah's boys Today I will be linking up to ~ Table Top Tuesday~

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

~ Time To Bring Out The Quilts ~

Now with the colder weather that has finally arrived here in California, Tallulah & I have decided to bring out our winter collection of quilts to stay warm. When ever we go out treasure hunting and we come across a quilt that is a different pattern and a great price we don't think twice about purchasing it. Lol

We store some of them in wonderful primitive blanket chest made of pine. I think it is from the early part of the 19Th century and might be American.

Our wonderful coverlet is dated 1830 and has a double headed eagle with the liberty building and a double rose pattern. I think the double headed eagle is a Masonic symbol.

With us trying to go green to help out good old Mother Earth I'm just going to place more quilts on the bed and turn down the old heater to do our part in keeping the earth green.

Here's Tallulah standing in front of her collection of quilts of course she has to have her play toy with her. She seems to carry something around the house all the time. Thank's for stopping by today and wishing you a great weekend until next time......... Tallulah & Boys
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