Saturday, September 10, 2011

~ Getting Ready For Fall ~

Hello friends, It's time we put away our summer display an start thinking about Fall. I have already noticed some of the local trees around us losing their leaves. We have missed everyone while we were away in the garden this past Spring and Summer we where working hard trying to beat the 104 degree temp, and enjoying the pleasures of gardening. I have read and seen a few of our friends blogs and on Facebook posting pictures of their Fall decorating ideals. So Raymond and I decided to decorate the mantle in the ladies hat room.
I pulled out the decorations from the cabinet and Raymond did all the decorating. He always does a great job on the vignettes. I help a little he just goes over what I do. lol

Raymond has these vintage ceramic pheasants that him and his mother found on a shopping trip they did together many years ago which go well with Fall decor. Do you rember those I think growing up ever house had a pair or at least my famliy did. We found this gourd at a local garage sale here in town.

Fall seems to hits So Cal a little later for us out here. But it has been fun bring out everything and get started on decorating.

I was able to find some pomegranates on an old abandoned tree in a field not far from our home. So I picked some for the display. I bet once a house sat there on the land and kids would pick them daily.

This American clock in the center of the mantle we found at a auction in Redlands a couple of years ago. It dates from about 1830's to about 1850's. I like the American eagle on the top of the clock. That is the main reason I purchased it and it still works.

We are so glad you stopped by for a visit today. Wishing you all a great week ahead.......Julian & Ray
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