Tuesday, August 31, 2010

~ White Roses For White Wednesday ~

It's time again for ~ Fertilizer Friday / Flaunt Your Flowers ~ Which is being hasted by Tootsie. And also for ~ Show And Tell Friday ~ Hosted by Cindy. I am glad to join in this week. I would like to share some great roses that work well in our garden.
Along with some antique garden ornaments.If your wondering what the name of these beauties. They are called Iceberg and they're bloom in our garden for at least 10 months out of the year here in Calif.

I don't even need to prune them during the winter. If they get to big I just give them a light trim. The bees seem to luv them too.

I planted them around this antique urn one of a pair. They are 19Th century and are cast iron. I planted some boxwood as a border surrounding the roses near our pool. So if you want a reliable white rose for a white garden try this beauty. And during the full moon she just glows with the moonlight along with other white flowers and garden furniture that is painted white.
This antique cast iron gate is also 19Th century. The dealer I bought it from had told us it was from New Orleans. But I think that might have been a story to spice it up some who knows.
It's a pretty gate and dose just fine in our garden. There is a sunflower in the middle of the gate. And on the top of the gate there are Fleur De Li's.

This gate Leeds you to a new area in the back that has a round flower bed planted with more Iceberg roses, which are boarded with white Allsun. But I am thinking of using something else this fall. Hopefully soon the Texas privet bushes in the background will grow quick to make a wall for a new garden room. I'm still trying to get a new flower border along the fence that will take a lot of sun in this area to complete this room.

Thank You for stopping by and have a great weekend in the garden or hunting for vintage treasures ............Julian

Sunday, August 29, 2010

~ New Addition to Animal paintings ~

Happy Sunday Everyone, I hope you had a great weekend. I wanted to share with all of you our new oil painting we just purchased of kittens. Just one more to add to our collection of animal paintings that hang in the living room. I have a bad habit of saying one more LOL . These little guys are painted on canvas and are from the turn of the 19Th century. It seems that they are getting ready to eat and play with the ball next to their bowl. There is a signature on the bottom right of the artist who had painted it. ButI haven't checked it out. I just luv ed the way all the kittens looked and the how the painting was done.

Today I'm going to join the blog party over at Funky Junk Interiors for SNS Old Things. So if you like to collect antiques or anything vintage you might want to head on over and see if you see a treasure you might like. Have yourself a great time and see you later....Julian

Sunday, August 22, 2010

~ Summer's last feeding of the Garden ~

Hello all my gardening friends and fellow antique collectors. I hope you all had a great weekend. Today I gave the garden it's last feeding of the summer before Autumn sets in. I do everything by hand, so if you do the same you all know how time consuming this can be. And all the fun that goes into doing this. LOL I wanted to make sure the roses received a good amount of food so we will get a good abundance of blooms in October.

Some of the roses just bloom once in the Spring but this is always worth the wait.

The weather was not the best to do the dead heading and weeding but its always a fun time to get my hands in the soil. I try to spend one hour everyday to pifer around the garden and to visit every plant. Ray and I love taking a stroll in the garden, to see what is blooming! Or to see what needs our attention.

I've been planing on making a new flower bed in the back rose garden, but I need to wait till it cools off some more to start transplanting new plants.

I even started to clean out the old blooms in the pond and took a photo of the last waterlily bloom of Summer. Now we will have to wait till next Spring to see her again.

I hope you all enjoy the photos of the garden. And enjoy your new week ahead. Today I will be joining the blog party over at Flaunt Your Garden for Fertlizer Friday! which is hosted by Tootsie. Please be sure ti visit the other participants. See you all soon.....Julian

Sunday, August 8, 2010

~ Summer Crape Myrtles ~

Happy Sunday morning friends, I trust you all will have a great one. As for me I'm still getting over this Summer cold which has been a pain in the neck. I just wanted to share with you all some pictures, Raymond took in front of the house of the crape myrtles in bloom. The bees and bumble bees seem to luv the blooms because they are humming away in the branches.

We have three of them planted in a row but the other two are just beginning to bloom. And for the bird house we picked up in South Carolina Ray's uncle makes them now that he is retired and sells them to tourist on there way to Myrtle beach. Today I'm going to join in on a party for~ My Romantic Home~ being hosted by Cindy. Well I hope you enjoyed the photos and enjoy the rest of your weekend. As for me I will try to shake this cold off............Julian