Sunday, August 8, 2010

~ Summer Crape Myrtles ~

Happy Sunday morning friends, I trust you all will have a great one. As for me I'm still getting over this Summer cold which has been a pain in the neck. I just wanted to share with you all some pictures, Raymond took in front of the house of the crape myrtles in bloom. The bees and bumble bees seem to luv the blooms because they are humming away in the branches.

We have three of them planted in a row but the other two are just beginning to bloom. And for the bird house we picked up in South Carolina Ray's uncle makes them now that he is retired and sells them to tourist on there way to Myrtle beach. Today I'm going to join in on a party for~ My Romantic Home~ being hosted by Cindy. Well I hope you enjoyed the photos and enjoy the rest of your weekend. As for me I will try to shake this cold off............Julian


  1. Dear Julian, What a glorious sight! And to have this close to the hall door, together with what I take to be a most elegant dovecote, is absolute magic. I am so sorry to learn that youhave a summer cold, always the worst kind to try to shake off. I suggest whisky, lemon juice, a little honey and very hot water. Mix together and drink. It really works wonders!

  2. Hi Julian,
    Sorry to hear that you aren't feeling too good. Make it a good excuse to relax in your beautiful garden! Those myrtles are stunning, don't think I've seen them here.
    Drink lots of nice things and indulge until you feel better.
    Smiles, Angela.

  3. Hope you feel better soon! At least looking out at those GORGEOUS flowers will make you smile. That is my VERY favorite color for the garden, I always seem to be DRAWN to MORE and MORE of it. Mauve just seems to go with everything and has such a soothing effect without being TOO pink! I sure wish we could grow cape myrtle here in Connecticut, I would LOVE to line up a wall of them, they are "breathtaking" and you have displayed them wonderfully!
    "Chicken soup" tonight for you,

  4. Julian, Please be careful, a summer cold can turn just as nasty as winter one if not more so. As for your crape myrtle, it is another fine example of your "Golden" green thumb. Myrtle's have always been one of my most fav's. - G

  5. Hi Julian... Oh I am jealous of your gorgeous Crape Myrtle... We had then when I was a kid in LA and I have wanted one up here... Every year the buds come... just ready to open, overnight freeze and dissapointment! I gave up:-( What a gorgeous bird feeder!!!
    Hey drink some OJ and feel better soon!

  6. Beautiful pictures as usual Julian! I love your little birdhouse, so sweet:)

    My son had a horrible summer cold too, they're the worst! Feel better soon, maybe the girls can let you borrow the chaise so you lie in the sun!

  7. This birdhouse is just adorable. Thank you for joining me for HM and get well soon ;-)

  8. Those crepe myrtles are very pretty and I love the bird house. I hope you feel better soon:)

  9. Hi Julian, I'm sorry to hear about your cold and hope you'll feel much better soon! Your crape myrtles are beautiful and I love the bird house :-).

  10. It's a very beautiful garden, the bird house is so fine! Thanks for those pictures.

  11. Hi Julian,
    Sorry to hear you have been ill. Looks like you should spend some time sitting in the sun in your beautiful garden and that should make you better! Your "babies" are so adorable and yes they look like they could be a little naughty now and then! We missed you at our "dot sale" event. We leave tomorrow for a cross county buying trip, we will have lots of great goodies next month's event. Take care.