Thursday, July 29, 2010

~ Vintage Summer Beach Treasures ~

Hi Everyone, I hope you all, are having a great summer and a great week. I just wanted to share with you all some vintage beach goodies we have in our collection. This pail is from the 20s or early 30s I like the kids trying to catch a starfish with a net in this one.

I decided to join in on the fun over at Colorado lady for Vintage Thinge Thursday And also for Show And Tell Friday over at My Romantic Home.

We also have here this little chalk ware mermaid she is from the 20s or 30s. We used Spanish moss as sea weed to decorate around some of the items in the photos.

Here is a antique postcard of some people enjoying the day on the beach trying too cool off from the heat. Displaying the newest fashions for beach ware.

In this postcard is a group of monkeys having fun at the beach also. They have on their bathing suits also. Raymond, seems to think I look like them when I'm in the pool. I just don't get, where he see's that. LOL

This is a Victorian block puzzle with a little girl and her friend enjoying a day at the beach building sandcastles.

This pail is from the 40s or the 50's. Isn't she cute, eating her melting ice cream, and watch'n her dog play.

And this pail dates from the 70s by the look of what the little girl is wearing and her hair style.
The vintage photo above the pail is from the 20s the young lady has her dog in this photo with on the beach.

I hope you all enjoyed our collection and Thank You for stopping by. Have yourselves a great Summer..........Julian

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

~ Whitw Wednesday's Chaise Lounge~

Hello again for another fun White Wednesday And Show And Tell Friday hosted by Cindy. It finally has cooled off a little and now I can take a little rest from watering and enjoy the garden. Today Im posting this great chaise lounge we picked up at a flea market in Irvine. We just had new fabric and new pillows made for it.

It is cast iron and probably late 19Th century. We were surprised that it was still there. Though there was a couple, trying to make up there mind weather or not they wanted it. Once they walked away we jumped in on it just couldnt let this one get away.

It is nice to look at but the girls are the ones who use it more than us. Well I hope you enjoyed this garden piece. And have yourself a great week.........Julian

Friday, July 16, 2010

~ Roses In the Garden ~

Hi Everyone, I am glad to be able to have some time to post again. I pulled my self away from the garden and also from work. The garden has been needing some extra attention since Summer is here their is extra work but I should not call it work because I do enjoy being out side watering and feeding and their is plenty of weeding to do also. We took a couple of pictures of the roses throughout the garden I just wanted to share with you all.

If any one is interested in gardening like me. I forgot some of the names of the roses. But I try to buy old fashion looking ones and also ones that perform well in the garden too.

Now that the heat is here for the next two months the roses will slow down on there blooms for us to appreciate. I also have bought a couple more 5 gallon pots of roses they were only 7 dollars a pot that I would like to share with you as soon as I take some photos of them.

Well I need to get to bed because I might be able to fit in some time for a great barn sale tomorrow morning at ~ Matilda's Mouse ~ in Valley Center Ca.

I am going to join in on the fun over at ~ My Romantic Home ~ which is hosted by Cindy.

I do hope you enjoyed some of the flowers in our garden. And Thanks for stopping by today..........Julian

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Hi Friends, I am here late again and had no time to post new pictures for ~ Garage Salen ~ which is being hosted by Debbie. You see I have been trying to keep the garden tidy and have been doing a lot of overtime. Which I am grateful to get with the states budget it is hard to accumulate some extra O.T. We picked up this treasure for the garden 3 weeks ago at a store called Urban Barn here in Ca.
The pattern of the bench is "Betsy Ross" from what I can tell from the information I picked up on the Internet. She is a late 19Th century cast iron bench.

She has great leg's and a lot of detailing on her. And she weighs a ton but I am glad we had found her. I'm sure she will like her new garden. Well thanks for stopping by And I do apologize for re posting the same item so soon. I just felt left out for not participating. Have a good week and hope you find some treasures this weekend if your hunting.............Julian