Tuesday, July 20, 2010

~ Whitw Wednesday's Chaise Lounge~

Hello again for another fun White Wednesday And Show And Tell Friday hosted by Cindy. It finally has cooled off a little and now I can take a little rest from watering and enjoy the garden. Today Im posting this great chaise lounge we picked up at a flea market in Irvine. We just had new fabric and new pillows made for it.

It is cast iron and probably late 19Th century. We were surprised that it was still there. Though there was a couple, trying to make up there mind weather or not they wanted it. Once they walked away we jumped in on it just couldnt let this one get away.

It is nice to look at but the girls are the ones who use it more than us. Well I hope you enjoyed this garden piece. And have yourself a great week.........Julian


  1. Hi Julian, Yes you have found another great piece! Gorgeous! I love it that the girls use it, because, I have a new (not cute like yours) chaise that my boys have claimed as their own!

  2. That is so lovely...I can just imagine being there now enjoying your garden and sharing the chaise, "of course," with the girls. We have the same issues with our new couch and our Papillons. Its like we bought it for them....LOL

  3. Julian -- I am GREEN over this garden piece -- I've never seen anything like it -- it is lovely -- and of course, the perfect place for "the girls"!!!!

  4. You made the right choice on this yard couch. It is very pretty and looks like a great place to relax.

  5. I would like my sweet tea served on the patio please ~ I'll be the lazy girl on the gorgeous chaise. Super piece. Happy WW!

  6. ooooooo, love it, what a fab find!

  7. Great lounge, and it looks "perfect" in your garden! It IS very nice it cooled down after our sudden heat wave this past week-end! Our building is so old, 1919, that even with the a/c on it was still over 85 in there!

    Take care, Sue

  8. What a great find and I love the fabric you used to cover the cushions...I think I would enjoy a rest in your garden if it is cooler than here...
    Mama Bear

  9. I've never seen a cast iron chaise..be still my heart, what a wonderful find!
    Have a great day, Lynea

  10. Oh my goodness Julian!!! That is GORGEOUS!!!! The fabric you chose is perfect too, really beautiful! but of course the girls love it! Happy WW, Theresa

  11. What a great find...I live nearby you...where in Irvine is this flea market? I just love that chaise!

  12. Julian, There you go, creating rage and envy in the rest of us with that most dramatic chaise. You guys have such great luck in finding wonderful items for both home and garden. You must share your secret (lol). Thanks for sharing your finds with us. - G

  13. Oh my!!! What a fabulous piece of vintage goodness.♥ And just perfect for Tallulah and Missy...

    Oh, and by the way, my car got "crop dusted" driving down a two lane highway in Tallulah, Mississippi...LOL Have not thought of that in a few decades!

    I'm visiting for Outdoor Wednesday...would love for you to come by for a visit.

    Have a wonderful day,
    Stephanie ♥

  14. Yummy little settee.
    My kittie's name is Tallulah. Perfect name for one you adore wouldn't you say?

  15. Wowzers...what an absolutely stunning chaise....I want it!!
    Happy day!

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  17. That's the prettiest lounge chair ever! Your new pillows and linens that cover it are stunning. It looks so at home amongst your garden. Absolutely gorgeous.

    Nancy @ Nancy's Daily Dish

  18. That is gorgeous! Those furbabies sure do have the life!!!

    May I ask, where in Irvine was the flea market? I live very close to Irvine, my husbands route is there so he knows the area pretty well.

  19. Hi Julian,
    What a pretty chaise, just right for those 'ladies'.
    I love the fabrics you've chosen perfect for a summer garden.
    Have a great weekend,

  20. You have got some great taste!!!


  21. Great chaise! I guess that couple's loss is your gain. Hope your getting some great weather for that gorgeous garden of yours.

  22. OMGosh, that is the coolest lounge, I love it. Great pillow too. I'm out visiting my followers this evening. Hope you week-end is wonderful.


  23. OMGoodness, it is fabulous!! What a treasure for you to stumble on.

  24. Dear Julian, Joy of joys in coming across your weblog quite by chance having seen a comment which you left on Fox Paw Lodge. Not only is the chaise a wonderful discovery, but so beautifully distressed making it absolutely perfect for both house or garden. I think that it would look superb in a bathroom or, come to that, anywhere.

    But that is not all for reading older posts I see you have another 'find' - the 'Betsy Ross' iron seat which is equally delightful. It looks exactly as if it could have been made in the ironworks at Coalbrookdale in the mid C19. I wonder where it was manufactured?

    My most recent posting was on a visit to Charleston, the home of the Bloomsbury Set, in East Sussex which, on reflection, I feel would be exactly your sort of place. I am signing myself as a 'Follower' in order not to miss out on future happenings.

  25. I just love this piece!
    It is gorgeous and I love what you did with it!!


  26. That is a great piece, never seen one like it, glad you got it!
    Thanks for sharing, looks like you have a lovely garden and home there.

  27. How do you find theee best treasures???? I absolutely love this chaise lounge...never seen one like it before! Look beautiful where you have it too! Have a wonderful week~ xo, Ann

  28. That is a great find. Love it!

  29. Hi Julian,
    Gorgeous photos, everything looks just lovely!!
    Thanks so much for stopping by my blog, and I miss Vintage Summer Monday's too! I'm in the middle of packing for my August move, so things are not real pretty around here for photographs.
    By the time I get moved and settled we will have to do Vintage Fall Monday's! :-}
    Have a great day!

  30. As always, Julian you get the best stuff! I think I could sleep off my keep-it-itis quite nicely on that lounge...have a great night

  31. Beautiful piece! I remember as a kid having a sand bucket similar to yours...wish I still had it!! Have a great "late" VTT!

  32. I want that chaise lounge! I love it!