Friday, July 16, 2010

~ Roses In the Garden ~

Hi Everyone, I am glad to be able to have some time to post again. I pulled my self away from the garden and also from work. The garden has been needing some extra attention since Summer is here their is extra work but I should not call it work because I do enjoy being out side watering and feeding and their is plenty of weeding to do also. We took a couple of pictures of the roses throughout the garden I just wanted to share with you all.

If any one is interested in gardening like me. I forgot some of the names of the roses. But I try to buy old fashion looking ones and also ones that perform well in the garden too.

Now that the heat is here for the next two months the roses will slow down on there blooms for us to appreciate. I also have bought a couple more 5 gallon pots of roses they were only 7 dollars a pot that I would like to share with you as soon as I take some photos of them.

Well I need to get to bed because I might be able to fit in some time for a great barn sale tomorrow morning at ~ Matilda's Mouse ~ in Valley Center Ca.

I am going to join in on the fun over at ~ My Romantic Home ~ which is hosted by Cindy.

I do hope you enjoyed some of the flowers in our garden. And Thanks for stopping by today..........Julian


  1. Hi Julian...Miss ayou there for awhile...What gorgeous roses, I love the first pink one, reminds me of an Old Fashion climber I had. I hope my Hydrangea gets to be as beautiful as yours. I rescued it after the deer ate all the leaves...I almost died! and just by sheer luck its leafing out again...
    Love Ya!

  2. Hi Julian! your roses are as always, beautiful! I need to get out and deadhead my flowers and get some watering done, it's been really hot here with the same coming next week. Have fun at the sale, I can't wait to see what treasures you find! Theresa

  3. Those roses are huge! Beautiful! Thanks for finding time to post them. Have a good weekend.

  4. lovely, lovely roses! I have the patience of a gnat and most of the roses at Linderhof are Knock Out -- but a rose by any name . . . . yours are beautiful!

  5. Beautiful pictures and roses! I adore the old garden varieties. Being in California have you had the chance to visit Vintage Gardens? I've ordered from them in the past but would love to actually see their property!

    Have a wonderful weekend,

  6. Hi Julian,
    I love the roses... how are you liking this weather (yuck) is what I say crazy yesterday. I hope you make it to Matilda's... you should go the Urban Barn in Escondido too.


  7. That hot pink one is so gorgeous! I can imagine they smell as lovely as they look too:)
    I'm not loving this heat, makes me so lazy!

  8. Hi Julian... I loved your rose tour! You have some real beauties, my favorite is the pale pink with the exposed center! Great deals on the seven dollar pots! I have been hoping to try to score some late season deals too:-) Have fun at the antique show.. I look forward to seeing your great finds!

  9. Lovely lovely roses!! I am wondering if a few of those are David Austin roses- He has hybrid old fashion roses through out the years and I have 1/2 dozen or so of his roses. They are wonderful!

    bee blessed

  10. Hi Julian,
    Those roses are such a delight. I am amazed that they do so well in the heat, you must be kept busy watering every evening.
    The roses here in England are looking lovely,it's great to get in an old walled garden and smell that heady perfume. Mary Ellen is right they do look like David Austin roses!

  11. hi julian
    loveley,loveley roses!!!!i like also roses with a old touch,my favorite is the pale pink roses,they looks really we have also hot weather
    and my roses they are also thirsty.
    enjoy regina

  12. Hi Julian! Just fell into your blog and are loving the beautiful photos! And your 'heartbeats at your feet' are so sweet, too!

    Am happily following!

    xoxo laurie@heavens-walk

  13. Oh! Forgot to ask....what breed of dog is Tallulah and Missy? Adorable!!!


  14. Julian...These are gorgeous~I know they smell heavenly too! Are they David Austins roses by chance? It's hot & humid here too~my garden is withering away...Have a great week!

  15. Beautiful...the 'old world' English Roses are outstanding!! I love Roses!

    For your convenience, Here Is My Show and Tell Bargain Link. Hope to see you visit with me.