Wednesday, November 9, 2011

~ Time To Bring Out The Quilts ~

Now with the colder weather that has finally arrived here in California, Tallulah & I have decided to bring out our winter collection of quilts to stay warm. When ever we go out treasure hunting and we come across a quilt that is a different pattern and a great price we don't think twice about purchasing it. Lol

We store some of them in wonderful primitive blanket chest made of pine. I think it is from the early part of the 19Th century and might be American.

Our wonderful coverlet is dated 1830 and has a double headed eagle with the liberty building and a double rose pattern. I think the double headed eagle is a Masonic symbol.

With us trying to go green to help out good old Mother Earth I'm just going to place more quilts on the bed and turn down the old heater to do our part in keeping the earth green.

Here's Tallulah standing in front of her collection of quilts of course she has to have her play toy with her. She seems to carry something around the house all the time. Thank's for stopping by today and wishing you a great weekend until next time......... Tallulah & Boys
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  1. Hi Guys,
    Lovely quilts, just the thing to wrap around your knees on chilly winters evenings and pile on the bed to keep you snug and warm.
    Hugs, Angela.

  2. The only thing better than a quilt is a warm puppy to snuggle with!

  3. I love quilts. I sell a lot of them in my store. I have had many in my life. I sleep under one everyday, even in the summer. And to comment to Mitzi above, I have both a quilt and Sissy Dog under it, every night. Good to see you on the blogs. I love, love, love your quilts.Richard from My Old Historic House.

  4. This is the stuff of dreams...
    There is nothing like the feel of an old quilt.



  5. I love old quilts! Love the hand quilting on them. Tallulah is so lucky to have those pretty warm quilts! Mary

  6. YOu guys collect all of my favorite things! I have a small collection of wool blankets for us to use but need to put a couple of them inside a duvet because my kids think they are too itchy! The couple of quilts that I have could not stand up to everyday use so they are just folded at the end of the bed. Stay warm! t.xoxooxox

  7. Tallulah is so precious sitting beside her haul of quilts...these are so pretty! I love quilts too :) Thanks for sharing...
    Big hugs,

  8. What is it about quilts? They sure do appeal to me and yours look gorgeous. So glad you have them to keep you all warm.

  9. Beautiful collection! And you are is almost time to be using all of them with the colder weather ahead!! I bet Tallulah likes to snuggle in them too, I know my girls love the covers! Happy VTT!

  10. You stole my hear away with all these great quilts. I love them and have more than I need, old and new. One of my weaknesses.

  11. Hi guys! Tallulah is so adorable. I love your blanket chest and the quilts are wonderful. I have one made by my husband's grandmother and it is one of my favorite things. Thanks for linking to the Open House Party and take care.

  12. Clever of you to pile more than one quilt on the bed. More layers for colder weather. Also protects the quilts from wearing out.

  13. beautiful quilts and of course Tallulah!

    I also buy quilts but get baby ones for my dog to rest on. He loves them and they are so easy to wash up!

  14. Love all your Thanksgiving treasures especially that blue and white plate!

  15. Beautiful vignettes. Love the quilts. Thanks for joining TTT and Happy Thanksgiving. Hugs, Marty