Sunday, November 13, 2011

~ Antique And Vintage Thanksgiving Display ~

Thanksgiving is just around the corner, 2011 has flewn by so fast so now we have pulled out all our wonderful turkeys for display for the Holiday. We used are old wooden store display to create different levels of display. Which gives us more room to show off our little goodies! Right below the Thanksgiving display our Halloween collection is tuck away for another year but kept in a old glass store display so we may view it through out the year.Here we have a couple of antique plates with turkeys on them. The blue and white Turkey plate was a three dollar purchase at a garage sale. We found one online and it was sold for alot more than 3 dollars. I sure LOVE garage sales...LOL

We have a small collection of paper mache Turkey candy containers we have found at shops and flea markets here in So. Cali.

The Turkeys were filled with little pieces of candy and given out to children as play toys.

The Turkeys were made in Germany some where between 1905-1930s. They have metal feet and a couple have glass eyes.

This big Turkey on the left was found in one of our many favorite stores called Country Roads in Orange County.

We have also used some dried gourds and pomegranates this year for our display this year. We would like to wish you and your family a "HAPPY THANKSGIVING"...............Tallulah's boys Today I will be linking up to ~ Table Top Tuesday~


  1. Love all your goodies. especially the Indian things. I have always had a thing for turkey plates and platters. I have sold all mine and this time of year wish I had them pack. Always fun to see what you alllll do. Richard from My Old Historic House.

  2. You have so many vintage plates to serve the old bird on.

  3. I love transferware. Wonderful turkey plates. So perfect for the holidays. My first visit!

  4. What a great collection and I love the way you'vr staged it.
    Hugs, Angela.

  5. Beautiful turkey plates!! I passed one up at an estate sale a few months back and wish now I had not! Story of my life!! Happy VTT!

  6. Beautiful turkey display! I always griped that Thanksgiving gets lost in Christmas. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE Christmas, but I always insist on something turkey or pilgrim or Indian, or sall three to decorate for Thanksgiving.

  7. What a great collection; I especially love the paper mache containers and have never found a turkey - great finds!


  8. Hi guys! Your turkey plates are fabulous and I love the paper mache candy containers. I have never seen a turkey one. You have the most amazing collections and I appreciate you sharing them at my party. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

  9. Thanks for sharing your vintage turkeys. You have a wonderful collection. I've two of the candy containers. Would love to find more of these. They are very special. Happy Thanksgiving. ~ Sarah

  10. I've got to catch up on your back posts!!!!! Love turkey display because there aren't many of them-Happy Thanksgiving to you!