Tuesday, October 26, 2010


Halloween has finally arrived and we are getting ready to enjoy all the blog parties that will be happening this fun weekend. So I hope to see every ones vintage and new Halloween collections and vignettes. We will be sharing our vintage collections at a couple of blog parties this weekend also. I will be linking up to ~ Anything Goes Here ~ for a Vintage Halloween Blog Party and also ~Vintage Inspiration Friday ~ and also for ~ Show And Tell Friday ~ I cant wait to see all the great post our friends had posted for this weekend.
Raymond and I collect various vintage holiday collectibles so we can decorate the house throughout the year. This is a mechanical postcard dated 1906. The little guys arm moves up and down to cover his face with the jack-o -lantern and next to him is a one of four nut cups made of paper mac he.

Raymond had done all the decorating with this vignette and also thought our home. But we both hunt for new goodies for the house on our travels. Here are some paper mac he pumpkins and noise makers made of tin. The crow has glass eyes it might of been a candy container at one time but I'm not real sure about this. My favorite teddy bear is always in on the action when it comes to holiday vignettes.

There are a couple of the jack -O -latterns wearing vintage crape paper party hats from the 20s. And a couple of postcards from our collection. The glass case on the bottom is where we store them throughout the year so we can see it all the time.

This is Ray's idea of a vampire pumpkin ghoul with a mask and cape I wore to a party last year.

This guy is a child's vintage costume from the 50's I just stuffed him with crape paper and used a new candy container for his head.

And here we have a witch on top of the buffet usually this mannequin is wearing a cloche hat from our collection of flapper hats we have.

And this vintage Mickey Mouse mask Ray picked up at a barn sale in San Diego Co.

Here are some more party nut cups Ray had bought me for Christmas last year for our collection. And then the cool little black cat jack- o- lantern was a good find there is also an orange one too.

This vignette is in the entry of the house decorated with some more antique postcards.

In the photo below Ray had found this Halloween photo of a young lady who decided to get her picture taken before she went to a party during the1920s. And also the orange book called" The Witch"on one of his travels during his lunch hour.

Well I hope you enjoyed our collection of vintage and antique Halloween goodies and please be sure to visit the other participants. Have a fun Halloween weather going to parties or taking your children and grandchildren trick or treating.......Julian & Ray


  1. OMG what a fabulous display of gorgeous Halloween goodies, oh have a fabulous time xxxx
    Lynn xx

  2. I would like any one of your pieces, they are fabulous. I have to admit, I am drooling. Thank you for sharing.

  3. I am in awe of your amazing paper mache collection! I would love to have just one of these, but the prices are outrageous. I like everything that you've shown here, but my favorites are that book, The Witch, and that old photo beside it. Thanks so much for sharing your collection!
    Happy Halloween!

  4. I love your paper mache pumpkins!! What a great vignette.


  5. You have a world of different great collections. I have never seen this many Halloween goodies on display in one place.

  6. You guys have such a wonderful collection of Halloween goodies. Love all your displays! The paper mache pumpkins with handles are my all time faves. Have a fun and spooky weekend!

  7. You have a great collection of Halloween! It must be fun around your house this time of year!

  8. What a fantastic collection you have. I so love the Mickey Mouse mask, great find.
    Thanks for sharing.

  9. You two have the greatest Halloween collection. I love the vampire pumpkin ghoul!!!

  10. Great post and I too have this thing for the really old vintage Jack-o-Lanterns. They are getting harder and harder to find.

    Take care, Sue

  11. I'm coveting all your Halloween goodies. Your paper mache jack o lanterns are divine. Happy Halloween!

  12. oh, I love the vintage halloween, so much better than the new stuff!!!

  13. amazing collection! i love your postcards, especially the first one that moves!

  14. What a spooktacularly beautiful post! Have a Happy Halloween.

  15. What a fun collection! Your postcard with the moving arm is really cute. The group of paper mache jack-o-lantern containers bring back memories of my youth. I recall having one that was a black cat and another that was a jack. Wish I still owned those. Who knows where they ended up.
    Happy Halloween! ~ Sarah

  16. Great vintage Halloween you have collected! I love the rosary on the vampire pumpkin! And even Mickey Mouse joined in the fun! Thanks and Happy Halloween! Donna...the 3rd sister

  17. Hi Julian, I knew you would have a na amzing collection of halloween! And you sure do, wow!! The thing I love isn't the oldest though... the mannikin, I want one so much but haven't lucked out YET!! She is a beauty!!
    You guys have a wonderful halloween:-))

  18. Hey! Thanks for stopping by my Blog. Y'alls Pups are absolutely adorable.

    I really love the Black Americana Card! And those cups are so spooky, I'd be too scared to drink from them!

    Great Collection!

  19. What a fabulous collection of vintage Halloween decorations, Julian and Ray!! You have them displayed so wonderfully... what fun!!
    Happy Halloween to both of you!!
    ~ Jo :)

  20. Very impressive Halloween collection! Wow! I love Mickey Mouse especially. Unique!

  21. These finds are excellent halloween finds! If I saw the Mickey Mouse mask on someone, I might feel a bit frightened.
    Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment.
    Have a great weekend!