Wednesday, June 30, 2010

~ Vintage 4TH Of July Partay ~

Hi Everyone, I made it and not too late I hope. I went in to work for overtime this morning and missed the chance to post early. Today I'm joining in on the fun over at ~Anything Goes Here~ for a Vintage Fourth Of July Collectibles Party. Which is being hosted by Joan. I'm also going to join in for ~My Romantic Home~ hosted by Cindy. And also for ~Garage Salen Partay~ hosted bt Debbie. I have here a postcard with these children in an air balloon with this little boy holding the flag as they go for a ride.

In this picture with the bear I have a collection of vintage 48 star flags. And a cigar with the stars and stripes which was used as a fan. And then there are some vintage horns one is paper mac he and the other is tin. And then we have this child's book with Uncle Sam on it called" The American Speaker".
This advertising card for spools of thread was a great find with the young lady wearing her red white and blue dress. I found at a shop in Riverside and then there is this cute photograph with the children in a pageant one is dressed as Uncle Sam, Statue Of Liberty and Columbus. I'm not sure what the other little girl is dressed as.

We found this little tin drum at a great shop in Orange County which deals in country collectibles.

Raymond decorated the entrance to the house as we walk in and he did the rest of the decorating of our collection today.

This tin drum I bought him for Christmas one year it has the colors and some of the children are holding the American flag going around the drum.

Here we have some vintage pillows that women had made in the past both of them have 48 stars on them. They were a great find at a store here in town.

This Uncle Sam is riding a bicycle it was a advertisement for bikes. And glued onto a scrap book album. I talked the dealer into selling me the page.

This is a Tucks postcard I bought for the black Uncle Sam image which I thought was interesting. It dates to about 1907 I never seen one like this before.

These are some more advertising cards I picked up at the flea market.

And we just bought this Victorian bench for the garden. I looked up, on the Internet for this particular design and it is called "Betsy Ross" for the lady's face on the top back of the bench. And I only thought it fitting, that she grace our page for this party. Since she was asked by George Washington to sew the first American flag. Well I hope you enjoyed our collection of patriotic collectibles and please visit the other participants. And have yourselves a Happy & Safe, 4Th Of July.......................Julian


  1. Julian -- you have some great vintage 4th things -- what a nice collection. The little girl in the photo is the Goddess Columbia -- she was once very important (especially around the time of that picture) and on equal ground with the other three in the picture -- but she's been forgotten over the years.

  2. Good Morning Julian! What a wonderful collection of goodies for the party, each one as special as the next! Your displays of them are fabulous I love them all. Especially loving the pillows and the photo of the pageant children! Theresa

  3. Wow, what a great collection you have! I love all of the postcards, and that photo of the pageant is amazing. You have so many unique things, like the drums and the horns, that frankly I'm jealous! And definitely inspired!
    Happy 4th!
    Carol~~Old Glory Cottage

  4. I love your vignets, thanks for sharing


  5. Phenomenal collection! You have found some great stuff. I love how you have it all displayed. Wonderful. Happy 4th to you!

  6. I love patriotic vintage. The ephemera especially I love, I collect vintage cards, so that right away drew me in. You have such good taste in creating vignettes, the Teddy Bear and Tin Drum are adorable.
    Thank you for posting...Soo Charming!

  7. Glad you made it.... All your Patriotic Treasures are Amazing, makes me a bit envious.... Now I need to head over & check out all the Red, White & Blue..... "God Bless America"
    Have a Wonderful Holiday Weekend

  8. I love your patriotic things. Love the drum and postcards. Happy Fourth!

  9. What a fabulous post!! You garden bench is so very charming and just perfect for your garden!! Happy 4th of July!!

    Susan and Bentley

  10. Happy 4th of July!

    What a wonderful collection of Americana! Fabulous display!

  11. You have someone wonderful items this week - very unique. Love the bench!

  12. You sure have a lot of great stuff. Maybe the other girl in the photo is Columbia.

  13. Ohh Julian! I truly enjoyed your patriotic collection and all the stories you told us!!! The bench is's wonderful in your garden!
    Thanks for your wishes...they're always welcome!
    Enjoy a great July 4!!!

  14. Wonderful, wonderful vintage things!!!!!!! Such a great eye you have. I love it all. xo Joan, your hostess,

  15. What delightful patriotic treasures. Thanks for sharing. Hope you have a terrific 4th of July! ~ Sarah

  16. You have a quite a collection of vintage, patriotic "thingies". Thanks so much for sharing these interesting items.

  17. Lovely postcards. I have several, but don't think I have a single patriotic one....loved all your goodies today! Have a great VTT!

  18. Great post for the 4th - I absolutely love that first postcard. It is a stunner!! Have a healthy and happy 4th of July.

  19. Hi Julian,
    What great finds, I especially love your vintage pillows ( cushions in the UK ). I love old quilts too they hold so many memories.
    Have a great 4th July!!!
    Hugs, Angela.

  20. My goodness you have some great vintage finds and a great eye!!!! I don't even know where to begin on what I like the best! All of it I suppose! Wish I had known to join in on the party...maybe next year!

    Bella Rosa Antiques

  21. I just adore the vintage photo of the children ~ that is amazing! And your white bench is stunning. Thanks so much for sharing!


  22. Just wanted you to know that I featured you in my favorites post recap from the Vintage 4th of July blog party. It is up if you want to come by and see it. xo Joan, your hostess

  23. What are the chances of all those patriotic are really good! I love the vintage photos...and the bench, it is awesome for your garden. Thanks for joining in on the party, so glad you did. Happy 4th to you! Debbie

  24. What a great 4th of July collection! I especially love the tin drum and the photo of the kid's pageant.

    This is my first time visiting - I came over from Debbiedoos. That photo in your header is great - love the chippy iron bench (and the cute dogs too).

  25. I just love your post so much vintage. The drum and bench are my favorite. Thanks for sharing and Happy 4th of JULY. Vicky

  26. You have a wonderful collection! LOVE THAT BENCH!

  27. happy 4th of july cool bench have a good one

  28. You have such a wonderful collection! Too much to choose a favorite from . . . well, maybe the bench!

  29. OMG Julian! .. What an amazing collection! ..Don't you just hate to put it all away? ...But knowing you, you have something wonderful up your sleeve to replace it all with ..I can't wait to see what you come up with next.
    Hugz ..Betty

  30. Hi Julian - Luv, luv, LUV your garden bench! So so jealous. Where did you find it???

  31. Hi Julian,
    I hope you had a wonderful 4th of July. Those vintage finds you have decorated with are sensational! I love vintage flags, especially. The last image of your great bench looks so amazing with that flag draped on it.... It's oh so cool.
    Take it easy and I hope to see you again soon for another one of your fun posts!

  32. Two of the most beautiful treats for my old the AMERICAN flag and olde white wrought iron...what a JOY to see them together in your lovely garden.

    Oh so love your bench.


    Have just joined.... what a wonderful suprise that I found your blog....while "blog hopping."


  33. Hi Julian,
    Love all your great patriotic items! Your place is so awesome! Sorry you missed our July event, I'm just getting ready to post our picture's. Hope to see you this next weekend!

  34. I have so enjoyed perusing your beautiful blog.
    I think this is one of the prettiest displays ever. It is so striking, yet simple, but also moving with the flag draped over the bench...which apparently is the perfect compliment since you found it's called the Betsy Ross.
    You've really, really got me wanting to hop in the car and hitting yard sales and flea markets for some great finds for my yard, such as yours.
    So beautiful!