Monday, May 3, 2010

~ White Wednesday Garden Foxgloves~

It's that time again friends for ~White Wednesday over at Faded*Charm hosted by Kathleen. And also for ~Outdoor Wednesday~ hosted by Susan at A Southern Daydreamer.

Today, I am posting some white foxgloves I picked up at the nursery. I've never tried to grow them before because of our heat. But I had placed them under a tree for some shade. I hope the snails don't decide to have lunch on these pretties. (Those pesties little snails.) We have this one near an antique urn I picked up at the flea market a couple of years back.

And here is a close up picture of one of them. They are beautiful to look at but no scent that I could smell.

Here is another one behind these two cast iron fern leaf pattern chairs we picked up at the Rose bowl flea market. It took both of us to load each one up onto the pickup.

Here is one in front of a French garden urn from an older post. I am trying to plant some Texas privet to make a whole new garden room. We had planted some hibiscus but they didn't take well. But, we're still hopeful, Raymond loves the flowers on them. I hope you enjoy today's post and have yourself a great day in the garden...Julian


  1. Your photos are amazing Julian! I love the garden furniture and your foxgloves are a beauty!
    A nice day to you!

  2. Those chairs are gorgeous! Your flowers are so beautiful. I bet it's a lovely place to relax in the summer evenings.

    I just planted some flowers on my tiny little deck that I'm going to share for WW:)

  3. Hi Julian,
    What beautiful Foxgloves, they are one of my favourites. They will probably self seed all over your garden. It's too early for them in England yet but here in Devon they grow all through the hedgrows, a true sign of summer!
    Enjoy White Wednesday,

  4. So pretty! All the more reason to love spring!


  5. Julian
    your garden and foxgloves are divine! The garden looks like a wonderful place to relax. I have never tried growing foxglove...but will be adding it to my list of plants to add!

  6. Those foxgloves are very pretty. I hope the snails don't get them. I hate snails/slugs. They are pest that need to go away.

  7. Hello Julian,

    Love your foxgloves and iron chairs. I hope your hibiscus survives. Mine is starting to fill back out and has several blooms on it. Due to our wacky winter, I was worried it would not make it. They are typically a hardy plant and yours may just surprise you.


  8. Beautiful plant and flowers. Love your foxgloves.

  9. WOW!!! This is such a gorgeous post.

  10. Beautiful foxgloves! One of my very favorite flowers!

  11. What beautiful foxgloves! We can't grow them on the prairie (although nurseries do sell them!) -- love both your urns and your furniture -- I've never seen "fern" chairs before!

  12. Oh, the foxgloves are just beautiful and so is the urn, looks great in that spot too! also like the white patio furniture very pretty!
    Thanks for sharing,
    Blessings and Happy Mothers Day, if you are a Mom!!

  13. Julian,
    Your foxgloves and iron chairs make a gorgeous pair! I remember snails from living in L.A., here we have nasty giant slugs!

  14. Beautiful! ...I love white flowers ..especally at night when they glow by the light of the moon .. I've always wanted to have a "moon lite garden".
    Hugz ..Betty

  15. Those chairs are just beautiful!

  16. Great pictures. Everything looks lovely, especially the flowers. Happy outdoor Wednesday.

  17. Magnificent foxgloves but you have so much to admire in your garden -- wonderful ornaments too. Hope you'll stop by if you have time. Jane F.

  18. what a lovely garden. the foxgloves are beautiful and the chairs are absolutely amazing!

  19. Dear Julian...gorgeous Foxglove! Here in Western New York they grow almost wild. I have pink ones and white ones in my garden, they re-seed and grow everywhere. Its a shame that after blooming the plant looks weedy. I have them against a weathered fence mixed with delphiniums and they are awesome. My lilacs and purple iris are blooming now, and the scent is wonderful...put some stale beer around the foxglove for the snails.
    Love Ya!

  20. I LOVE foxgloves, especially the white ones. I haven't had them in my garden for years. May be the time to bring 'em back! Beautiful photos.
    Take care, Sue

  21. Your white foxgloves are beautiful especially next to that fabulous urn. I always have many foxgloves in my garden. Mostly the purple, but sometimes a white one will pop up. They are really easy to reseed if you want more in the future.

    Thanks for playing along again and have a wonderul day.