Thursday, April 29, 2010

~Victorian Screen~ Rosebowl find

Hi Every one, I am in a hurry today already running late for work. But I just felt funny not posting anything for ~Vintage Thingies Thursday~ And for ~Show And Tell Friday~. Both of these blog parties are fun to join in on. Because if your a collector you always find new treasures on the different post for these two days. I have here a screen I picked up at the Rose Bowl Flea Market 13 years ago. For just $100. There was another lady looking at it when I spotted it. But her husband had told her "where are you going to put it" She had looked at it for a minute or two more. As she walked off I asked her if she was still thinking about it. "She said it is all yours". Of course I didn't think twice. It is from the 19th century. There are Hollyhocks on the right side of the screen, I should taken a better picture. And the left side shows swallows and waterlilies. Well please be sure to visit the other two events. Thanks for stopping by today...Julian


  1. its gorgeous...lucky was meant to be!!!

  2. Julian,
    This is a GREAT piece.. I love hollyhocks one of my favs. I hope you have a great day.


  3. That's a lovely screen, though I bet most people wouldn't have a good place to put it.

  4. Oh my gosh, that is just gorgeous! I would have jumped at it too! Never mind a place to put it, buy first and then worry about that later! WoW! Kim

  5. I am with Kim: Buy first and worry about where to put it later especially with antiques and vintage thingies. I bet that lady still dreams about that beautiful screen that now lives happily in your house.

  6. Julian... The swallows are gorgeous! Somehow I missed your Iris post... They look lovely! I love the little cherub "walking" among them!

  7. Your screen is beautiful and obviously it was meant to belong to you:)

    Are you windy there in Lake Elsinore? We're in Laguna Hills and it's been so windy here but I'm loving it:)

  8. Apparently this screen was just waiting to come home with you. It's wonderful when things work out in the happiest way possible!!

    Susan and Bentley

  9. The screen is just very lucky for you the lady didn't want it. It was meant to go home with you. Happy VTT..

  10. It's faboulous Julian!!!
    Wish you a great an sunny week end!

  11. I would SO LOVE having this in MY home!!!!

    My show n tell is my "BLUE IRIS". I do hope you can find time to stop by and view the beauty!!

  12. What a beautiful piece that screen is! It's an absolute treasure. I'm so glad you didn't spend any time worrying about where you were going to put it, and just bought it. I bet you've never regretted it!
    Happy VTT!

  13. What a beautiful piece! And that is exactly the reason why you should never take hubby antiquing! It's never about where you're gonna put it. There's always some place!

  14. Unfortunately I know all too well "buy first and worry where to put it later" but I'm with you. Those swallows are beautiful!

  15. Hey Julian!
    Happy Tuesday :) I just love your screen, it's just gorgeous! I have to say I would have been twitching and jumping out of my skin watching that woman pondering over that screen. I think I would have been silently saying "no, don't want it...walk away...change your mind lady" and acting like I wasn't even interested. It's funny about human nature that if you show some interest it makes it so much more desirable and the person wants it even if they really don't just so they can say they"won". As soon as she even took a step away I would have tackled that baby. Thank GOD her husband was the voice of reason for YOU! I've had a similar situation in Home Goods over a table that's now in my foyer. It had not top, but it didn't stop me. I had a limestone top made for it and now I love it!!
    Thanks for sharing your treasure hunt story and the photos. I'm sure you're happy that worked out well!!
    Have a wonderful day!

  16. Oh my your flowers and screens are delightful! Love it!

  17. The best screen ever!!! Love the whole vignette, thanks for sharing.
    Happy May!
    Deb @ Garden Party