Tuesday, April 27, 2010


Today, I was taken a walk in the garden and I felt, I just had to share these wonderful Iris's with you for White Wednesday and also for Outdoor Wednesday We have a area dedicated to assorted colors of Iris, I would love to show them all to you today, but I'll hold back and just show the Whites for White Wednesday. Okay I just had to sneak in a non all white in for ya, isn't it just beautiful.

I really hope you enjoyed our Whites for White Wednesday, hosted by Kathleen at Faded Charm I hope to post all our wonderful Iris's in the near future but for now enjoy our Whites. Thanks again for stopping by and enjoy your day and be safe.....best wishes, Julian


  1. Oh goodness, your garden is amazing! I wish I had a green thumb like that!!!

  2. I LOVE bearded Iris's... my grandma grew these every year.. she was kind of obsessed about them. I hope your day is wonderful.


  3. I don't blame you for sneaking in one of the 'non-white' iris photos. The color is so pretty. Have enjoyed browsing through your blog and seeing all your other yard goodies. Love having bird feeders in the yard. How wonderful to have a hand-made one in a special spot.
    Jane T.

  4. Beautiful Iris, I love the white! I had several white iris come up this year in my iris bed. This is my first year having the white sonce I moved here. I must have brought them from South Carolina with me. I was a member of the Iris Society down there and able to collect many verities. Glad to see there are more antique lovers out there. Great blog.

  5. What beautiful Irises! Love the white! I always love the peeks into your garden, it is so lovely.

    ~ Tracy

  6. Absolutely gorgeous, what a pretty garden.

  7. Oh Julian,
    Those Iris' are just beautiful. What a lovely garden you have. Just Heavenly!
    Have a great day!

  8. How Beautiful ~ Iris Are such Regal Flowers, thanks for sharing.....

  9. Hi Julian:) That is a gorgeous Iris. I have all purple ones in my garden but will now have to look for some white ones since you have inspired me so much today. Can't wait to see what other colors you have.
    Blog: Capers of the vintage vixens

  10. Hi Julian! These are so pretty and was one of my moms favorite flowers. I just dug some up to move them to a better spot, I gotta do that today! I even like the leaves when the flowers are gone, they look great by themselves! Theresa

  11. This is the prettiest time of the year. The lovely flowers breaking out with vibrant colors. Love all your blooms for today.

  12. Julian, how can you grow such beauties? Congratulations!

  13. My Grand Aunt had the most wonderful collection of Iris! I've loved them ever since seeing hers and they always make me think of her. Thank you for sharing these!

  14. You two definitely have a green thumb...Have a wonderful week.


  15. What a nice walk you had. All your photos are really lovely.

  16. Hi Julian I commented on your post yesterday , but I don't see it..Here it goes again!
    I love the bearded Irises, and these are spectacular. I have some that look like orchids, they are not blooming yet, its still too cold here in Buffalo, NY.
    YOur garden is wonderful..
    Big Hugs

  17. What beautiful blooms! ...and great photography, too!

  18. Hi Julian ... You must spend hours and hours working in your garden ..do you spend much time just enjoying the fruits of your labor? ..I'm asking cuz I don't seem to do enough of that myself.
    Hugz ..Betty

  19. Ohh Julian! Your white iris are stunning! White flowers are just my favourite! We have a lot of ancient villas around Lucca and most of them have gorgeous gardens!
    Happy new day!

  20. oh my your gardsen is HEAVENLY! I love it~

  21. Hi Julian,
    OMG! I just love your garden. Those iris are stunning! I especially LOVE that birdhouse from your post a few days ago. Your neighbors must love you!! They get to enjoy all that beauty too! I wish I lived on your street, well certainly in California. Lucky you to have
    citrus trees right in your backyard!!
    It's ALL wonderful!!
    Have a splendid sunny day:)

  22. Love your Iris. The white would have to be my favs. they look like they're real show stoppers.

  23. What a beautiful post....love the screen, that is amazing. Have a great VTT!