Sunday, January 30, 2011

B-day Boy New Primitive Cabinet

We finally brought this cabinet down from the shop in Palm Springs area where Ray had found it for his Birthday. At first we thought it was pine, and it was going to be easy to move. But to our surprise it is made of oak. (we think?) It took four of us to move it out of the shop. We had to rent a U-Haul truck to bring it to our home. Because the cabinet is in one piece, and was way to big too lay down in the back of our truck. So to protect it better we choose to rent a big U-Haul. And I must say it took up the whole back of that truck just laying down. But the price was a steal of a deal. And it was worth all the work.

It has the original paint with a great alligator finish to it and some cool primitive drawer pulls on it. With poured glass windows with the cool little air bubbles in the old glass.

All of the items in the case are just there for temporary until we recover from bring this into the house.

The girls seem to like the new piece now we just got to go hunt for some new goodies to place in the primitive cabinet LoL. Maybe I should start by looking here at home first.

I hope you all enjoyed your visit today and until next time I wish you all a great week......Julian & Ray

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  1. "Happy Birthday to Ray"! What a lucky guy, I'm LOVIN that cabinet! It looks like OAK??? I had a gorgeous double oak sleigh bed with claw feet that was made local and I had bought it from it's original family. When we moved here HUBBY talked me into letting it go to a local charity, "I'm STILL CRYING over loosing that bed" The patina of it was EXACTLY like your hutch... I think "Shopping for your hutch will be a GREAT way to bring a smile to the dreary days of winter. OH and your Girls are just Sweet as can be posing there for you!!!
    Have a fun week,

  2. My neighbors rarely make eye contact with me when they see me pull up with a truck! The last time I asked them for a hand it almost killed them! I did buy them lunch but, boy oh boy that was one heavy armoire! LOL!
    Happy Birthday!

  3. Happy Birthday Ray! Great piece. I love wavy glass with bubbles in it. The girls are adorable. Enjoy you day. judy

  4. Oh what a great piece I love it! Happy Birthday to Ray.
    I am anxious to see the pictures when you get it finished.
    The girls are so good to pose for you!

  5. It is beautiful and happy birthday to Ray!

  6. That is gorgeous and looks extremely solid! Happy Birthday Ray!!!!

  7. Happy Birthday Ray! I love your term "alligator finish". It describes that type of finish perfectly. The cupboard door on the bottom is very unique. It is a beautiful piece.

  8. You find the best treasures and it makes it even better that you got a good price! Happy Birthday! Christie

  9. Dear Julian and Ray, What a splendid find and how useful the cabinet will be to store so many of your treasures. Often in the UK heavy, larger pieces of furniture can be less expensive and so make a very good buy....and far better than their modern equivalents.

    Happy Birthday to Ray!

  10. Is that a cabinet or an old kitchen cupboard?
    Reminds me of the old home my brother bought with a cupboard like that built in the wall between the kitchen and dining room. But his you can access the upper part from either room. Another words the back opens from the kitchen and the front from the dining room.
    Happy birthday Ray!
    Your puppies are too cute!

  11. Happy Birthday, and what a wonderful birthday present. You always know it's "really" old when in weighs so much! What a great find though.

    Take care, Sue

  12. Julian,
    What a truly stately and wonderful piece of furniture. Birthday salutations to Ray. – G

  13. Happy Birthday to Ray! What a gorgeous cabinet, I would not have been able to pass it up, either. I'm glad you got it home safely.

  14. Hi to you both.
    That cupboard in so great. I love it when the old varnish looks like that. I especially like the drawers and the cupbord at the bottom.
    Sound like you had fun getting it home. It sounds like buy now think later. We all do it.
    Hugs, Angela.

  15. It's absolutely gorgeous, what a treasure. They just don't build them like that anymore. I'm sure you'll fill it with loads of wonderful goodies.

  16. That is a very nice piece of furniture. When you get through with it, it will truly be greater buy.

  17. Happy Birthday Ray.... what a beautiful cabinet, and what a great birthday present!!! Your girls are just adorable!!!
    Blessings~~~ Daphne

  18. That thing even looks heavy, but how incredible it is! Nice B'day present.
    Love your sweet girls.

  19. Your babies are so adorable!
    Merci beaucoup de votre visite sur mon blog!


    Sandy @ My Shabby Streamside Studio

  20. Tallulah and Missy are just adorable!! This is a wonderful piece, I bet any of your collections will look wonderful in there.

  21. Birthday wishes to you Ray!! :) I can just imagine how heavy that beautiful hutch was! We moved one similar to it out of my parents' house many years ago. Still can't remember where it ended up.....Anyway, I love the fact that it has seeded glass in it! Swoon!!!

    xoxo laurie

  22. Hey Guys! (Happy Birthday!) This piece is just amazing one-of-a-kind. I feel for you all having to transport this beauty, but it looks phenomenal there. Have fun decorating it!
    Thanks for joining in for VIF!

  23. Hey there~ Happy Birthday!!!! I love that fabulous piece- it has so many great details and so much charm- can't wait to see it all filled up with your treasures~ Thank you for sharing at Feathered Nest Friday! :)

  24. Lovely piece. Happy belated birthday.

  25. Love all your vintage valentines. The ship, the fan and those crochet hearts with ribbon, especially pretty. Happy Valentine's Day.