Sunday, June 2, 2013

Garden Hydrega Blooms

With Summer approaching so quickly the hydrangeas have started to show off their buds of color.  Rainging in colors from white to light pink.  They are ready to give a show of big cotton ball blooms.   We also wanted to share some garden antiques tucked throughout the garden today.  Thank you for stopping by and wishing you all a blessed day.....Tallulah


  1. Your photos are lovely! Hydrangeas are my favorite! I have a beautiful blue hydrangea plant by my front door. We live in a historical mansion where we act as Resident Directors so the grounds are open to the public. And today someone cut out about 1/4 of the bush! I could cry! It will grow back but it was sad to see...Enjoy your hydrangeas!

  2. Sandy, Im sorry to hear that. But like you said it will grow back in time.

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  4. Love your tucked away garden antiques! So pretty!

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