Saturday, September 25, 2010

~ Sneek Peek To Vintage Halloween Treasures ~

Hello Everyone, I hope you are all enjoying the weekend. As for us we got to work so no treasure hunting this weekend. I just wanted to give a Small peek to our collection of vintage Halloween treasures. This is a postcard dated from 1904 and they call it a mechanical one because of the little guys arm goes up to cover the face of the trick or treat er. And too the left is one of four vintage nut cups. Maybe from the 40's or 50's which I received as a Christmas gift from Raymond last year. We have been hunting for real pumpkins to decorate the front of the house but had no luck finding any yet. I wanted to share the Autumn look before springing the Halloween decor on you all. Well hope you all enjoy. I'm going to join in for ~ Show Off Your Cottage Mondays ~ Which is being hosted by Cielo. Have a great week and see you all soon.....Julian


  1. Hello there,
    I saw some at Henry's in Temecula and Plow Boy's should have some too. I think I saw some at Walmart as well. My Husband and I love Black Americana stuff :) just call around b4 going.


  2. glad you joined the party :)
    loving the roses!
    tea is on at FHC ...

  3. Julian, You guys have the most incredible treasures. I am greatly looking forward to seeing your classy decorating and staging for Halloween. Hope you find some pumpkins you like, we as yet have not seen them here on the east coast. I have some gourds I could send you (lol). Hope you a pleasent remainder of the weekend. - G

  4. Julian,
    That old card is very cool, I just love looking at things from so long ago. I can't wait to see your fall displays. I am sad you guys did not get to go junkin....I think I would go through serious withdrawls...I know, obsessed! Anyhoo, relax after work and enjoy your weekend.

  5. That is such a great postcard! I love Fall decorating and was excited until this mini heat wave hit. I too have been on the hunt for pumpkins!

    Take care, Sue

  6. What a fantastic old card Julian! I haven't even begun to look for my fall decorations, although I have managed to get a couple of art projects finished! Have a wonderful Sunday, Theresa xoxo

  7. Hi Julian,
    Your postcard made me smile.
    We have some cold nights here now 4 degrees last night. Autumn is here.
    In the UK halloween is very understated, but we do have Pumkin Walks at our local organic vegrtable farm.
    Enjoy your Sunday, Angela.

  8. Dear Julian, The postcard is most intriguing and would, I am sure, be very collectable these days.

    I cannot believe that you are unable to locate a pumpkin. Here they are proliferating like weeds and are even the size of a small child!!I look forward to seeing your autumn decorations as I am certain that they will be spectacular.

  9. great vintage postcard, an unusual one. Have always wanted a paper mache pumpkin, your's is so cool!


  10. I like this vintage halloween postcard Julian. I'm with you, no good pumpkins yet either as I am looking for the perfect white pumpkin. Happy Monday to you. Stopping by from SOYCM.

  11. Hi Julian ~ I do love your vintage postcard. I was lucky enough to scoop up 6 perfect white pumpkins for my front urns this past week. It still feels a little early to me - but I was beginning to feel the rush coming on. Have a great week.

  12. Lucky you to have some true vintage Halloween decorations. I saw some at Brimfield that were wonderful but so not in my budget. I sent a pic to my husband to show him the paper mache pumpkin... he thought I should buy them for him until I told him it was $1400. ha

  13. Have fun pumpkin hunting Julian! How nice to have the day off together! enjoy the day, Theresa xoxo