Tuesday, September 28, 2010

~ White Wednesday Mission Church ~ #1

It's that time again for~ Out Door Wednesday ~ and also for~ White Wednesday ~ Being that Autumn was in the air we decided to view it first hand. Raymond and I decided to take a Sunday drive to a town called Julian. Which is in the mountains east San Diego County. It used to be a mining town but now they are known for their apple orchards and apple pies YUM YUM. But before all this their were Native Americans living in this area already. Up and down the coast of California the Spanish and Mexican missionaries had missions and now they wanted to go inland to Christianize the Native Americans. Even though they already had their own religion that they been practicing for many years prior. This is Mission Santa Ysabel which sits in the valley below Julian. The small valley is called Santa Ysabel Valley and she is so beautiful with gentle rolling hills of golden brown grasses and California oaks so many of them covering the hillsides. And once in a while you will see wild turkeys in flocks of 20 -30 here and there. Some one had let the loose years ago. But I don't know the real story on that.
The sub mission sits on a small hill about a half mile from the main road. The Father Juan Mariner held his first service here in 1795. But the sub mission was begun in 1816 and completed in 1818.

This is some of the stain glass inside the church. It was rebuilt in the again in 1924 because of some deterioration and some neglect over some years.
Their are some beautiful wooden beams holding up the roof.

That's me at the entrance reading up on the history of the Church and the Native American's. While Raymond shoots some pictures for the blog.
This is a small grotto on the side of the building with Mary and some dessert plants. I wish I took a better picture of all the lavender which smelled so good.
I Love, the little road way which leads up to the church which has a beautiful graveyard on the left hand side. Next time I will share another Indian mission and its history that we passed before stopping by this one. Well I do hope you enjoyed our photos and the tour. Have a good Wednesday...............Julian


  1. I enjoy little road trips like these. You found a lovely gem!

  2. Julian,
    Thank you for the tour. I am going to have to get my road atlas out and while I can't be there in body I can at least follow from afar. Hoping you guys have a great remainder of the week. - G

  3. Thank you so much for the tour, Julian. I love vintage religious relics and actually collect Santos and other things so I enjoyed this very much.

  4. Hi Julian
    What a beautiful and fascinating church.. I wish I could have come for the ride!! I have a fascination with religious artifacts and those of south america probably interest me most for their wonderful use of colour.. Thanks so much for sharing these shots with us and have a fab week xxx Julie

  5. What a wonderful trip to Julian. Love your photo's.

  6. Julian in the town of Julian! How cool was that for you ;) I live in San Diego and have not been to Julian yet. Saying 'hi' from White Wednesday.

  7. Wonderful church-thanks for sharing!

  8. Great pictures,love this church!Thanks so much for sharing.

  9. Julian, what a beautiful church and important piece of history! The stained glass is so vibrant, thank you for taking me along on your tour.

  10. I loved the tour, thanks! What a beautiful church, so simple but then the stained glass windows are spectacular! Thanks for sharing, Theresa xoxo

  11. Hi Julian, what a wonderful church, the stained glass is just amazing. So beautiful and serene, so glad you shared this with us. Hope you're having a great week!

  12. Thank you for posting about this beautiful church. Just breathtaking. I absolutely love the stained glass window of St. Therese with the roses from heaven. *hugs*

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    Beautiful photos

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