Saturday, February 20, 2010


This Moss seemed to follow us back from South Carolina, last month...

Hi everyone, I hope you will have a nice weekend. It has just finished raining this morning here in California. And the sun decided to peak out for a bit of some hid and go seek. So we decided to take a couple of quick pictures before it started raining again. When the weather is gloomy outside, I also like to take a quick walk inside and look at the hanging garden floral paintings that we have collected. I hope you enjoy the pictures. I know I need to buy a camera. all these shots are done with my flip phone. I have a bad habit of buying treasures for the house or the garden instead of buying new gadgets and new shoes or clothing...Have a good day everyone glad you stopped by.. Julian


  1. My flower beds need some "help" after all the rain we have had. Everything is growing crazy wild. LOVE your pictures above, reminds me Spring is on its way!
    Take care, Sue

  2. Hi, thank you for stopping by Mammabellarte. You will be entered to the giveaway! I hope you win and keep watching it will end Feb.28th. Ciao Rita

  3. Hi Julian,
    What's wrong with your pictures your flip phone
    seems alright by me.
    Misty weather here in Holland.
    Have a nice day,

  4. Thanks for the daffodils! It's 28degrees here this morning. Buurrr!! I just LOVE your collection of floral paintings, AND if that's your phone you're taking those pics. with, it's a heck of a good one!

  5. Your collection of floral painting is just exquisite!

  6. What beautiful Pics! The bird painting is my favorite, how cool.
    Just found your blog, happy to follow along.

    Nice to meet you, Lynea