Saturday, February 6, 2010


Hi Everyone, to my Californian friends hope your staying safe and dry. And my friends back east hope your staying warm with all that new snow. With all this great rain we are getting out here our rolling hills are turning a beautiful green and soon our state wild flower the California Poppy will be dotting the hillsides welcoming spring. Down here in southern California our hills don't stay green year round. I missed out on the<> blog party so I'm just going to post some pictures of our Valentine collection and heart related items and some pink items both from the garden and inside the house. Hope you enjoy a wonderful weekend. I hope to post some more of our collection thru out the month! Julian


  1. Nice to find your blog. I have a westie as well....smartest animal I have ever met :)

  2. No fair showing that beautiful pink rose when it's snowing like crazy here! :) Happy Silver Sunday. xo

  3. What a pleasure to find your blog. With snow falling outside my window your rolling hills of green sound marvelous. Beautiful post.. I love your header picture.. great bench with some darling pups! hugs ~lynne~