Sunday, March 7, 2010


This weeks ~ Outdoor Wednesday~ is hosted by Susan over at A Southern Daydreamer. It is always fun to see every ones gardens from around the country. Have your self a great Outdoor Wednesday!

I love tree's that have florals on them, most of the tree's in our garden have wonderful floral they give the garden a different picture Thur out the year. Our Purple Leaf Plum tree with it's pink and white florals are beautiful, and then our Peach tree with it's Hot pink floral, are to die for! Tallulah's always seems enjoying the garden, she really loves it when we play ball. Spring is in the air.


  1. They are beautiful! I am getting excited for the warmer weather a flowers in bloom! Judi

  2. The bords are just now coming back here. :) Spring is upon us !!

  3. I'm really jealous, there are no blossoms yet in Holland so we have to wait.
    I love your garden.


  4. Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful!!! I have been trying to find some flowering branches for inside the house, but they're hard to find this year!

    :) T

  5. I agree with you Julian! Fruit trees are enchanting in this season...unfortunately my garden is too small...
    A nice evening to you!

  6. Hi Julian, Beatrice is such a pretty lady....and your garden: WOW!!!

  7. What lovely blossoms in your garden! Yesterday morning when I was leaving for work I spotted the first blossoms on my plum tree and was so happy to see them. The kids laughed at me when I exclaimed over them and took pictures! I love Beatrice, she is very beautiful!

    ~ Tracy

  8. Cherry blossoms and plum blossoms are so beautiful! Happy Outdoor Wednesday!

  9. Hello ladies. Its Edward. your QUEEN. Wow wow wow, thats all I have to say. I never took the time and throughly looked at your photos. Truly astonishing. You've done an amazing job. The iron urn you have outdoors, is my FAVE. I would love to show you my garden pieces. Thank you.
    Edward xoxoxoxo. Love love the garden. 818.481.1613 call me.