Monday, March 8, 2010


Hello Friends, I am glad to be doing W.W. again this week. I have a lot of fun doing this. Kathleen over at Faded*Charm is hosting this event. I have another bust in our collection to show. Her face is alabaster and the rest of her is marble. At her base the word "Beatrice" is inscribed. She is late 19 century and Italian. There is a signature of the artist who carved her on the back. Hope you enjoy and have your self a great W.W...Julian


  1. She is so lovely, and has such a tranquil look of calm and peace in her expression, oh to feel that way every morning when we start the day. She is inspiration! Thanks for sharing and give the furry babies a hug.

  2. This bust, sigh, looks like a muse to me. She is wonderful!
    Joyce M

  3. What a beautiful work of art. I wanted to collect them at one time, but I never found any.
    And it's italian, couldn't get any better.

    come visit

  4. lovely! I have never seen one quite like that. Great find!!!

  5. What a gorgeous piece!! And! Makes it even more special! Thanks for sharing it with us!

  6. that is stunning! i love that the name is inscribed!